Guide To Promotional Tools On Amazon

Promotional Tools On Amazon

In the case of an Amazon seller, promoting your products through the platform should be a part of your overall marketing plan. Deals can help you showcase the items that drive sales they can also create the effect of a halo that boosts the sales of your brand or other products. 

We’ll look at the kinds of promotions that are available on the market to Amazon seller central professional sellers.


A coupon offer is available through the product’s detail page and on the Amazon vouchers website. Customers are able to select a voucher and add it to their shopping cart. The discount will be applied automatically at the time of checkout if a buyer buys an eligible item prior to when it expires.

After you’ve enabled a coupon the button will show to customers under the listing price, which allows customers to avail themselves of the discount for that item. Coupons also appear on browse and search pages highlighted in green providing additional visibility every time you use the page.

Coupons can also be found also in Amazon Deals, Brand Stores Search results, details pages, in the basket/cart, on the list of deals, and in Sponsored Products advertisements. Customers who come across your website via the landing pages will see coupons highlighted in the orange ribbon.

Lightning Deals

The Amazon Lightning Deal is an offer that offers a small number of discount deals on an item over only a short period of time. The deals are exclusive to each customer and are time-sensitive, and last until the promotional period (usually four-hour blocks) during which the deal is in effect or until all available discount coupons are taken advantage of.

Lightning Deals on amazon shows the price of the deal along with the percentage discount the percentage of units that are claimed as well as a timer that is counting until the end of that deal. 

To know how to create lightning deals on amazon check out this SellerApp’s Amazon lightning deal Guide.

The deal also offers the option of adding the item to your shopping cart. These deals could cost you about $150 per ASIN, based on the time of year.

Flash Sales / Strike-Through

In the Seller Central Platform, Sellers can conduct flash sales or discounts with red lines. Both of these offers put your product on sale for a specified duration. A price for sale is added at the of your listing by clicking the “Offer” “Offer” tab.

Input your sales price, select the start and end dates. When the sale ends the item is returned to its original cost. Flash sales will be evident (for all kinds of categories) on the page for the item in red with a strikethrough over the original price, and the percentage discount shown in parenthesis.

Deal of the Day

Amazon Deal of the Day is one of the top featured deals on Amazon. The deal is comprised of one item or a small group of related items which are reduced for 24 hours. They appear on the Deals page throughout the day during which they are running and are distinguished by the display of an emblem.

Prime Exclusive Discounts

Prime Exclusive Discounts can be available on Prime eligible products that are sold through FBA. There is also no cost for sellers to design and offer an average lead time of 24 hours. The deals are available only for Prime members and can be a fantastic way to increase sales on products that are eligible.

Prime Discounts are an excellent alternative for discounts that are higher priced (>20 percent) and increase the click-through rates considerably over traditional coupons. The products that are included in this offer will display a strikethrough price and a savings offer within the search bar and next to in the Buy Box.

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