Hero Super Splendor and Hero Glamour: The 124cc Siblings

The Hero Super Splendor and the Hero Glamour are among the bestselling Hero bikes in India. Hero MotoCorp launched the Splendor series in the mid-90s. When this series entered the Indian market, the bikemaker used to provide a 100cc engine displacement back then. But, after the introduction of the Super Splendor model in 2005, the company distinguished that model by giving it a 125cc engine. It’s been nearly two decades since the Super Splendor entered the two-wheeler market. Since then, the sales of this bike have been growing steadily. In parallel, Hero Glamour also entered the market in 2005. It also gets the same engine as the Hero Super Splendor. In addition, the prices of these two bikes are also more or less the same. So, what makes them different? Let’s find out!

Performance and Dynamics
As mentioned earlier in the introduction, the Hero Super Splendor has the same engine as the Hero Glamour. As for the specifications, both bikes have an engine displacement of 124.7cc that churns out 10.7bhp at 7500rpm and 10.6Nm of torque at 6000rpm. They both have a single-cylinder air-cooled engine that transmits power to the rear wheel via a 5-speed manual transmission. Also, you can check out the track test done at Buddh International Circuit by an expert from the autoX team with the Hero Glamour. In addition, you can also read the BS6 compliance Hero Glamour review.

Apart from that, both bikes have a diamond chassis underneath. For reference, this frame is popular among all the commuter bikes that are available nowadays. This frame is well-known for its ruggedness and for being cost-efficient. It also handles well and can resist all terrain, making it best suited for commuting bikes. And in a country like India, where you will find poor road conditions in every corner, that chassis is what your bike needs!

As for the suspension setup, both bikes are nearly identical. The front suspension of the Hero Super Splendor is a telescopic hydraulic shock absorber, while the rear suspension has a five-step adjustable hydraulic shock absorber. Once again, you’ll find the same suspension setup in the Hero Glamour. With this combination, these bikes can easily absorb the bumps without causing inconvenience to the motorist, resulting in a comfortable ride. That also indicates that the suspension is on the soft side. If your vehicle has a stiff suspension, you’ll feel more bumps. However, a stiff suspension setup is popular among performance-oriented bikes.

Moreover, road conditions are also one of the factors impacting mileage. Poor road conditions can reduce the mileage of your vehicle since it puts pressure on the engine. But these two bikes have reasonably good mileage. According to the customers’ feedback, the Hero Super Splendor and Hero Glamour’s mileages are 57kmpl and 55kmpl, respectively. And that’s a good fuel economy. No wonder why owners of these bikes don’t mind doing inter-state travel.

Dimensions and Capacity
Let’s begin with the Hero Super Splendor dimensions. The length of this bike is 2042mm, the width is 740mm, the overall height is 1102mm, the saddle height is 799mm, and it sits on a wheelbase of 1273mm. The Super Splendor’s ground clearance is 180mm.

On the other hand, the Hero Glamour dimensions measure 2051mm in length, 743mm in width, an overall height of 1074mm, and the saddle height is 798mm. Furthermore, the bike has a wheelbase of 1273mm with a ground clearance of 180mm.
With these figures, there is a marginal difference in their dimensions. However, the notable aspect is the ground clearance, which is identical in measurement. Ground clearance is what matters the most for a comfortable ride, especially in a country like India, where there are poor road conditions.
As for the capacity of these bikes, the kerb weight of the Hero Super Splendor and the Hero Glamour is 123kg. Yes, they both weigh the same. In terms of power-to-weight ratio, both bikes are the same.

In terms of features, the Hero Super Splendor and the Hero Glamour are more or less the same. Let’s start with the former.
At the front, the bike gets a halogen light, and at the rear, you’ll get a bulb taillight. The same is available on turn indicators as on taillights. Apart from exterior lighting, the bike also gets a USB port, an analogue speedometer, and other readings on a digital display.
On the contrary, the Hero Glamour features all LEDs at the front and rear, with bulbs on the turn indicators. In addition, the bike also has a DRL at the headlight. The Glamour also gets a USB port, like the Super Splendor, and has a digital instrument cluster, unlike its sibling. There are more features than the Splendor, and that’s the reason behind the Hero Glamour’s price being marginally higher.

Prices and Variants
As mentioned earlier, the Hero Glamour slots itself above the Hero Super Splendor and, of course, there is a premium for it and, that too, by a margin.
However, there are eight variants available for the Hero Glamour. The ex-showroom price starts at Rs 77,900 for the base model, the Glamour Drum, and goes up to Rs 84,020 for the top model, the Glamour Disc Black and Accent.

On the flip side, there is Super Splendor. There are four variants offered. As for the Hero Super Splendor price, it starts at Rs 77,500 for the base model, the Super Splendor New Drum, and goes all the way up to Rs 81,630 for the top model, the Super Splendor Canvas Black Edition Disc. All are ex-showroom prices in Delhi as of September 2022. Please note that these prices are subject to change without prior notice to the customer. If you want more details about the two, go through the “compare bikes” section under the “bikes/scooters” category on autoX. For more automotive-related content, visit the website or YouTube for the bike or car of your liking. Also, try staying connected with us on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Find new car launches in India with price, review and latest news.

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