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History Of Tequila – Everything You Need To Know About Tequila

Every wine enthusiast knows that tequila is an alcoholic drink that is notorious for its harshness. Those who are new to wine drinking must not indulge in drinking tequila. One must have a high tolerance to alcohol to brace its ruggedness. People often complain about the after-effects of drinking tequila. Many dislike the hangover the next day and pledge not to drink it ever again.

It doesn’t mean that this alcoholic beverage tastes bad, only that you should drink it real slow. Let the server give it to you neat and savor its pungent taste. Unlike what you see in the movies, do not toss it back in a single shot. You can buy tequila online from the links given on our website.

Many of us have heard different stories about the origin of tequila and are intrigued by the mystery. In this article, we are enlightening you with the history of tequila. Keep on reading through this article if you want to know about it and impress your co-workers and friends.

Early History

Tequila has been around in western Mexico for thousands of years. It is a traditionally named alcohol. Historians believe that the history of tequila started by the Olmecs in 100B.C. in the lowlands of Mexico. After that, it covered the walls during the stone age. Around 200A.D. Spanish workers discovered this magical beverage, and it came to light in the sixteenth century. In the outskirts of Mexico, a distillery filled with agave piñas was the first step in the production of tequila in early history.

Involvement of the Spanish

When the Spanish came into this region to visit the Aztecs, they discovered the locals making an incredibly tasting alcohol. This drink caught their attention, and they set onto making it even better. There are many theories regarding the involvement of the Spanish in the evolution of tequila. They improvised the original technique by using mud and agave. This distinctively modified the alcohol.

In the mid-fifteenth century, the Spanish government opened a trade route to benefit from this drink. They built a large-scale distillery in Jalisco. It is one of its kind.

Present Day Tequila

In 1758, the Cuervo Family began the commercial distillation of tequila. They refined the formula and polished it further. By 1873, the Sauza Family identified the blue agave for the production of modern tequila. Till the present day, the identical formulation makes tequila a popular alcohol beverage.

In 1974, the Mexican government took measures to take full ownership of tequila. In this way, it became illegal for other nations and countries to make or sell their brands of this alcoholic beverages.

There are around two hundred species of the agave plant. Out of which blue agave powers in the production of tequila. This plant grows in only five states of Mexico. Jalisco, Michoacán, Guanajuato, Nayarit and Tamaulipas. The Tequila Regulatory Council approves the ratio of ingredients before the production of tequila.


Every alcohol drinker is well aware of tequila. There are margaritas, shots, sunrises, and many other blends put together by talented bartenders. We have tried to walk you through the history of tequila. Next time you pick up a glass of this beverage, keep in mind how it is made and its origination.

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