How to do Product Registration in Dubai Municipality?

Dubai is one of the highest markets in the world. From luxury items to average goods,  everything is manufactured, imported, distributed, and exported within as well as outside UAE. Dubai market is a rewarding platform for merchants and traders all around the globe. However, every product that enters the UAE needs to be strictly registered with the relevant authorities. Therefore, the Dubai government has initiated the scheme of Product Registration in Dubai to keep a check on consumer goods.

Product registration in Dubai is dependent on specific products. Even the process of registration differs in different products and emirates. This article will give an insight into the latest product norms and product registration needs that merchant need to comply with in Dubai municipality product registration. 

What is Product Registration?

Product Registration in Dubai is a mandatory procedure carried out by the Dubai authorities to regulate and monitor the products that enter Dubai. Every consumer product that is manufactured, imported, and exported in Dubai needs to be registered compulsorily with the Dubai municipality. 

Category of products in Product Registration Dubai: 

  • Cosmetics 
  • Detergents and soaps 
  • Disinfectants 
  • Health supplements 
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Food products 

Dubai government needs to ensure that these products are safe and reliable for consumer use. Product registration enables them to assess whether the makers or importers of the products are complying with consumer safety standards. Therefore, every local manufacturer and trader must register their products with the Dubai municipality. 

In addition, the process of product registration is the same with all the municipalities in the 7 emirates i.e Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah & Fujairah. Our team of experts in Shuraa can guide you with the UAE regulatory affairs regarding product registration. 

Important Traits of Dubai Municipality Product Registration 

  • Ensures mandatory registration of products entering the UAE market.
  • Conducts random testing of products to make sure that fake or harmful products are not being traded. 
  • Quality inspection on products to assure consumer safety. 
  • Checks if the products have all the necessary information on the label. 
  • Restricts the presence of any harmful substance or product that can be harmful for human consumption. 
  • Prevents the commercialization of duplicate products.
  • Issues product registration certificate. 

Benefits of Product Registration 

  • Label protection 
  • Brand protection
  • Trading rights 
  • Trouble-free sales inside and outside UAE 
  • Promotion of products in the GCC region 
  • Privileged tax on products

Who should apply for Product Registration? 

  • Manufacturers  – Dubai deals with many luxury products such as cosmetics, perfumes, food items, etc. which are mostly related to social health and hygiene. Therefore, it is the prime duty of every local manufacturer or merchant to register their products with the Dubai municipality and make sure that they are safe for human use. 
  • Traders – Traders and merchants from all over the world want to trade their goods in the land of capital. But, every product that is imported in Dubai has to be registered to get approval from the Dubai authorities for the promotion of their products in the Dubai market.

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Process of Product Registration in Dubai 

As mentioned earlier, the process of product registration is the same in all the municipalities across the emirates. However, it may vary depending on the type of product that has come for registration. 

Besides, there are a few important things that a trader or manufacturer must be aware of. Every company must register their products in the same emirate or location from where they acquired their business license. Furthermore, if the same brand or product is available in different sizes, packaging, or quantity, then it must be recorded multiple times with the Dubai municipality. 

The process of Product registration is as below: 

  • Obtain a valid business license 

The product registration can be performed by the companies that are operating in the mainland as well as any free zones in Dubai. Also, the availability of a valid trade license is a prerequisite for the businesses to get product authorization from the municipality. 

  • Register the product with Dubai Municipality 

The applicant can perform the process of registration only online through the website of the Dubai Municipality. To start the procedure of product registration, the company needs to submit Products Registration Service Application along with the registration fees. The company representative will fill out the form for each product. The companies must ensure that they also present a copy of a valid label assessment of each product. 

  • Complete the registration 

Finally, the Dubai municipality will review the application and verify the validity of the submitted documents. If the arrived products comply with its regulations, then the municipality will register the products and issue an electronic registration certificate. Afterward, the company would require that certificate for shipment clearance of goods. 

The documents required for product registration include: 

  • Certificate of company registration 
  • Lab test report of the product 
  • Certificate of free sales 
  • Analysis report of the product 

The validity of the product registration lasts for 5 years. However, if the authorities raise any objections against the submitted credentials, then the company must provide supporting documents to complete the process. 

List of products that cannot enter in UAE market – 

  • Goods manufactured in Israel 
  • Drugs 
  • E-cigarettes 
  • Betel leaves
  • Gambling products 

Certain other goods tagged with restrictive statuses, such as 

  • Alcohol or other hard beverages 
  • Media related goods 
  • Rough diamonds
  • Products related to nuclear energy 


The Dubai government aims at certifying the safety and quality of merchandised goods while ensuring simple & quick procedures and dealings to facilitate trade. Every manufacturer and merchant must comply with the regulations and guidelines of the Dubai municipality while registering their products. There are several steps that are involved in this process, although varying in different products. 

So, don’t let anything slip away and cause a delay in your registration process. Shuraa Business Setup has got your back in guiding you with the product registration policies and procedures. The professionals at Shuraa can assist you in completing the Product Information File(PIF) and also arrange laboratory services with our partner corporations. 

Shuraa provides extended support to its clients before and after the registration process. With our reliable services and affordable packages, you can start your dream venture anywhere in UAE. 

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For more information about Dubai Municipality product registration, call +97144081900. For chat queries, you can send a WhatsApp message at +971 50 777 5554. Send us your email inquiries at info@shuraa.com. 


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