How to Get Rid of Fleas in the House? Expert Advice

The fleas are tiny parasites that attack dogs and cats, transmitting diseases after their bite sucking blood. They are small beings but with a great ability to jump in width and length.

And if fleas invade the house, what to do? And how to protect cats and dogs from their attack? Here are all the tips.

How to recognize fleas

Common fleas – are also called men’s fleas, with small sizes varying according to their sex. Females are 4 millimetres in length while males barely reach 2.5 millimetres. Fleas lurk in the house when carried by dogs and cats, which are attached to the outside as a preferred food reserve (blood).

They have an elongated shape but are flattened on the sides, dark brown in colour. To jump they do not use wings but their hind legs which are very powerful and strong. Their life cycle is short, but only 4 weeks is enough for them to infest the whole house.

A female lays a number of eggs ranging from a minimum of 50 up to a maximum of 2000: these proceed with hatching in just 5 days during the summer and 2 weeks during the winter. The flea larva is similar to a small white worm that crawls to move and feeds on debris it finds on the floor. Its total development takes only a few days, transforming itself into an adult insect that feeds on the blood of animals and humans.

How to get rid of fleas in the house?

When a house is infested with fleas, it means that the dog or cat has carried them from the outside to the inside. It is a very serious risk to the health of all the inhabitants of the house, due to their ability to transmit infectious diseases and bacteria while feeding on blood. The flea bite is similar to a mosquito bite albeit flatter.get rid of fleas

It is important that the bite is not scratched but disinfected, counteracting the risk of infection as much as possible. Exterminating fleas in the house is not easy because you have to identify their “nest”: they usually prefer dark and damp places, such as the areas behind the wardrobes – inside the bed – cracks in the walls and hidden corners.

The first place to check is your four-legged friend’s bed, his fur and the carpets he usually uses to lie down. The solution is simple: immediately call a professional in the sector who will proceed with the disinfestation. Costs vary by treatment and quantity to be eliminated.

But can we prevent and defend our four-legged friends?

How to defend dogs and cats from fleas

First of all, it is good to contact a professional veterinarian who will advise how to choose the right pesticideThen it is necessary to always keep the house clean, passing the vacuum cleaner not only on the surfaces but also between the upholstery and carpets. Opt for organic detergents that sanitize the environments and always check the exteriors: in any case, rely on an expert so as to always proceed in the correct way, both at home and towards dogs and cats.

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