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How to Identify Your Child Needs a Speech Pathologist

The number of things children can accomplish when they’re only a childs is astonishing. You’ll be surprised to know how quickly your childs is able to grasp important skills and complete tasks as they get up. 

For instance, most children should utter their first word when they are about 1 year old. Also, a childs who is about 18 months old should have learned at least 20 words by then.

However, if your child fails to do so within this given time limit, fret not. This article is going to give you tips on how you can identify whether your child requires speech therapy or not. 

Remember, early intervention can greatly help reduce the severity of any disorders. If present, and can also help your childs overcome any obstacles or barriers they might face here.

Here are the key identifiers you must keep an eye open for, before searching for a speech pathologist near me over the internet…

Your child struggles with the articulation of particular words

Of course, children take time to learn new words. They might even face difficulties pronouncing particular words properly. But, with practice and repetition, your child will be able to speak such words without any issues.

But, in case you spot some issues regarding your child’s articulation, then this should be an area of concern. 

Articulation basically refers to the way we are able to produce certain words by using our speech, using our mouth, tongue, and lips. If you see your child struggling with articulation. Then he/she might have difficulties pronouncing words with “r” or “th” sounds properly.

Your child barely speaks

As mentioned before, children are able to learn up to 20 words when they are 18 months old, and up to 50 words by the time they reach 2 years. In case your child doesn’t speak a lot, or at all, then this is definitely a red-flag warning.

Your child stutters/stammers

Another noticeable aspect to look for in your child is his/her fluency.  Fluency refers to the rhythm of speech. Therefore, if your child is seen to stutter or stammer often, then you must definitely connect with a professional speech pathologist for your child.

Your child does not babble

Stuttering and stammering is one thing. But, if your child is not seen blabbing random words, then this should be a point of worry. Children are hyper in nature and full of energy,  which is why normal children are seen to be making nonsense noises and babbling the most random words they can think of. 

This babbling is important, as children learn new words this way when they are growing up. Therefore, if your child is not seen to be babbling as much as other children do, now would be the best time to contact a professional speech therapist for your child.

Your child is facing issues in reading and writing

Your child’s reading and writing skills can help you identify any need for a speech pathologist for them. 

There are numerous reading skills that a child must possess within a certain time period. For instance, children point towards specific things in a book when you name them when they are between the age of 1 and 2 years. 

Secondly, children are also able to turn pages and name particular things between the ages of 2 and 3. If your child is not able to achieve such tasks and skills within this age group. Then they are definitely in need of a speech pathologist.

Your child has an inconsistent voice quality

As children grow up, they become more and more familiar with their volume and are also able to control their volume in certain places and situations. However, a child suffering from speech difficulties will also be seen to have a comparatively hoarse voice, and an inability to control their volume. 

Not only this but they will be seen to speak certain words more loudly and inconsistently. For instance, a normal child would pronounce ‘banana’ as ‘b-a-N-A-N-a, while the child struggling with speech will pronounce it as ‘B-A-N-A-N-A’.

Your child is not able to socialize with other people

Children suffering from speech disorders and difficulties would be seen not socializing with other people. Especially children of their own age. This also includes smiling at others or acknowledging that someone else is speaking or playing.

Your child suffers from ear infections a lot

Ear infections don’t really have any connection with any child’s speech ability. However, if your child suffers from recurring ear infections. These can negatively impact their hearing as ear infection fluid can easily travel to the middle ear, causing temporary hearing loss. 

This must be one of the reasons why your child’s speech may be delayed. And why you must contact a speech pathologist as soon as possible to overcome delayed speech issues.

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