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How to List Products on Amazon: Complete Guide for FBA Sellers

Of all the abilities you’ll acquire when you become an Amazon FBA seller, there’s no one that’s as crucial or as essential as the art of listing your items.

After you’ve sold on Amazon for several months, listing new items will be automatic but for someone who is just starting out it may be difficult.

For those who don’t recognize the difference between a flat file and a flat white We’ve put together this complete guide on how to sell your items on Amazon and how to optimize the pages of your products.

Preparations Before List Product on Amazon

When you’re getting ready to make Amazon listings it is important to prepare There’s nothing worse than completing your listing only to realize that you’re lacking necessary information on hand so be sure to have the following in mind prior to starting:

When you first start learning the ways to market on Amazon You’ll require an Amazon Seller Central account.

1. UPC Code

The UPC code is your product’s unique identification. Common to retailers and other retail establishments, the UPC number is actually a number of numbers, as well as an image that the staff at the checkout scan to complete an offer.

Before you can sell the product on Amazon You must purchase an UPC code. You can purchase the code from several websites, but you must ensure that the one you choose to use is legitimate and reliable.

For use on Amazon for Amazon, the UPC number must meet GS1 conforming. One of the most well-known websites to purchase UPC code can be GS11 which is suggested by Amazon.

If your product comes with distinct variations, for example, size, color etc, each variation will require its own individual product code. Each variation is considered part of a distinct product.

2. Photographs

To market your item on Amazon You’ll require excellent quality, clear photos to go with your listing. Learn more about Amazon photography for products.

To be considered for acceptance by the Amazon Amazon site, your images should be at least 1000 pixels on the long side (this is required in order to allow the photo to be zoomed to’).

The content should make up at least 85 percent of the image. It must be displayed on a white background. If it isn’t possible it is possible to use online tools to modify the image.

Amazon suggests that at least four photos are used in every listing for a product.

3. A weighty issue

If you are selling physical products on Amazon it’s necessary to supply its dimensions and weight.

If the product you want to purchase already is available on Amazon it is possible to cheat with the same dimensions and weight of the Amazon listing.

Instead, make use of a tape measure to get dimensions, and the scale in your bathroom or kitchen to calculate the weight.

Once you’ve got the essential requirements for your listing of products Now is the time to think about what you’d like to talk about your product.

Look over other listings to understand how product descriptions are written. Take a look at the ones that grab your interest.

4. Keywords

When you’ve got an outline of your product’s description it’s time for you to include certain keywords.

Keywords are words that are targeted within your listing that a potential buyer might be looking for when they are trying to purchase.

There are numerous online tools that you can purchase to assist you in becoming proficient in the field of keywords, however, first you can search for keywords for free using Amazon’s auto-suggesting tool.

Put a phrase that describes your product in the search bar, for example, camera and then you can use auto-suggest to quickly find an extensive list of similar words.

Include as many keywords in your amazon product listing as you can and without repeating them to increase the size of your SEO.

5. Category

After you’ve gathered all the details of your product as well as a concise product description, it’s time to consider the category in which you’ll be selling your product.

To achieve the most effective results, it is essential to put your product into the same category as comparable products that are popular.

Look up the most popular items that have similar characteristics to yours. then click through to check the categories and sub-categories they are included in, and take a look.

You should also be more cautious if you’re selling Amazon classifieds that are gated.

It’s time to list your product!

To get your product featured on Amazon simply follow these steps:

  • Visit the Dashboard on the Amazon Seller Central page.
  • Click on Inventory.
  • And then click on Add A Product.
  • Create A New Product Listing.

In the All Product Categories pull-down, choose the primary category that will apply to your product.

Include the subcategories and categories Don’t you feel gratified that you’ve already collected these details earlier?

  • Click Select to select an appropriate section.
  • The user will be redirected to the setup page to set up the listing.
  • Toggle to ‘Advanced View’.
  • Go to the Vital Info page and complete each field as necessary.
  • Look for the Offer page, and fill in the fields in the order that is appropriate.
  • Look up the page on Description and fill in the fields according to what is required.

Now you have an online listing for your product, but you’re still not done.

If you’re selling multiple variations of the same item like different colors, sizes, etc You’ll need to make an Amazon listing for the product with variations.

Creating Amazon Product Listings With Variations

In the Help tab on your Dashboard Look up ‘Inventory file Templates and download the template that is appropriate to your product.

It is as easy as selecting the template in the available options and then click this link for downloading it. Be aware that your device will require Microsoft Excel in order to complete this task.

The template you download will include all the instructions you’ll have to read and comprehend prior to proceeding with your listing variations.

After you’ve got your Inventory Listing or Flat File Fill in all the fields as precisely as you are able to.

There could be a reason that there are some issues or issues that you aren’t sure about, and in that the fastest route to find a solution is to call Amazon support for sellers who will help you through the matter that is causing you to be stuck Do not be afraid to feel foolish, they’ve heard this before!

When you have your flat image finished and you’re ready to download it, and then transfer it onto Amazon. When you do this, you should save your images of your products in a format that you’ll need to provide an URL to upload your flat image.

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