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How To Maintain Your Microneedling Results in 2021?

Are you tired of using expensive serums and lotions to attain glowing and clear skin? Do you want a breakthrough to revitalize your skin with cosmetic treatment? If yes, then microneedling is the most suitable treatment for you. It is a prominent cosmetic procedure that is officially known as collagen induction therapy. You might get some idea about what is the procedure going to do for your skin? But still, if you do not have clarity, then visualize the microneedling results by getting it done on your face. However, it is not a DIY treatment, so it needs to be done by professionals using a microneedling device. escort

What to expect with microneedling treatment?

Though, it is an interesting question to ask yourself before getting it done actually. What could you expect using costly cosmetic lotions on your face? The answer would be simple – for facial rejuvenation, right? But, the results you get from such products can vary with a huge difference from expectations. But, this is not the case with collagen induction therapy. But why! Let’s discuss it below. escort bayan

By putting it simply, it is a process of insertion of tiny needles into the facial skin. When these pricks are sensed by the body, it rushes to heal them quickly. The fibroblast cells of the body produce collagen that works to heal the small pricks on the face. The result of such healing appears with glowing, soft, and plump skin. It works well to reduce acnes, aging-spots by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen production also works to cure the pigmentation caused by the UV rays of the sun. So, overall it is the best procedure that can provide much better results than cosmetic products.

Tips for maintaining microneedling results longer

There is no doubt that you will get flawless results once the microneedling is done correctly. But, the thing is that how to maintain those results longer? However, you can experience outcomes that can last from 3 to 5 months. There are several factors that can influence to keep the results longer. There are mainly two factors. One is sun damage that you can prevent by using sunscreen lotions by asking your dermatologist. Another is aging-related collagen loss. New collagen that stays in your skin. But, if it is declining due to the natural aging process, you can protect it in several ways.


After getting the treatment, it is essential to clean your face. You can use gentle cleansers to clean the face for at least 72 hours after the procedure is done. It is necessary to stay away from harsh cleaning products as they can make the skin drier. Only use cleaning products that are gentle and soft on the skin. bayan escort


After the collagen induction therapy, the little wounds on your skin might cause irritation. So, it is better to heal your skin using serum antioxidants. It will prevent the skin from irritation and also help to keep skin smooth. These serums can also increase the duration of microneedling results in a better way.

Prevent sunning

In order to extend the duration of microneedling results, you must protect your skin from the sun. Your dermatologist would also recommend you to use a sunscreen lotion which is SPF 55. You can apply it directly to your skin when going outside. It will block your skin and prevent UV rays from entering the skin. It is the best way to enjoy skin rejuvenation followed by microneedling for longer.

Stimulate the skin

After microneedling, your skin starts healing through a natural process. It will start producing collagen required to eliminate all skin flaws gradually. During that period, you must stimulate the skin using collagen-stimulating peptides. These are also known as biomimetic peptides that are similar to natural peptides found in humans. So, using these peptides will boost collagen growth and keep it longer inside your skin. Using peptides will help in keeping the natural collagen for an extended run.

Healthy diet

Well, it is good news that you can extend the life of collagen into your skin with a healthy diet for beauty. After getting the microneedling done by experts, you must stick to a healthy diet rule. There are several foods that have natural collagen production abilities. You can take an example of tuna fish which has a natural source of Omega-3 that can produce collagen. Must stick to citric fruits to get vitamin C. It is a rich source of collagen. So, with a good diet, you can augment the results of collagen induction therapy.

Opt for a healthy lifestyle

If you want to look youthful even at a mature age, say yes to a healthy lifestyle. It is also superior for your general wellbeing. So, in order to enhance the microneedling outcomes, you must do regular exercise that will keep your skin fresh and glowing. You must leave if has the habit of smoking and alcohol consumption. It is often seen that persons having smoking habits look older than their biological age. So, if you want that you look young with microneedling for longer, you have to follow this tip. Alcohol and smoking in limited amounts are also good, but leaving them is greater.

The Final Say

Keep microneedling results longer. You can follow these tips to get results to a greater extent. For more advice, consult with your Beverly Hills Med Spa dermatologist now.

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