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How to Open VCF File in Excel?

Are you searching for a solution to open VCF file in Excel? Then you come to an absolutely right platform. Here, you will get the best way to your request.

User’s Queries: 

“Hello everyone! I am HR of a reputed multinational Co. and because of my job profile I have to manage a large number of contacts of the employees and also for the newcomers that are coming for interviews. I want a feasible way so that I will easily read the contacts information that easily reduces my time effort. As we all know that in Excel everything is managed and organized. But the problem is I don’t know how to open VCF to excel. Actually I need an instant solution that can give accurate results. Please help me with my request. Thanks!”    

Hey! I have approx. 1000 VCF files in my Outlook address book. I have been using Outlook for a very long time but for some reason my company has switched to another email client. To manage my contacts I need to open vCard file in Excel sheet so that I have all the contacts in a single sheet. I have approx. 1000 VCF files in my Outlook address book. I need some of them of my office employees as there is an urgent requirement. But the main problem is I have to check each and every vCard file to filter my contacts. I don’t know a reliable solution that can easily resolve my issue within a few clicks. Please suggest me the one. Thanks! 

Are you one of those who are facing the same problem? Then, do not worry. Read the complete article and know the solution.

But before pushing you towards the topic let us first grab some information about vCard and Excel.

VCF file format is basically an electronic business card which is used to store user’s contact information in standard file format. It is used in different applications and platforms. This is generally attached to an email message. The file contains the physical address, contact number, and other necessary information. 

Why Should Users Need to Open VCF File in Excel?

Organizing Data

It is frequently used for collecting and organizing the data. Information can easily be placed in rows and columns. All the required information can be placed in a single sheet.

Multiple User Access

In today’s collaborative work environment, multiple employees within the office need the access of the same information. In Excel, it is possible.

Calculation Features

The formula and equations can easily compute both simple and complex equations using large amounts of data.

As there are multiple advantages that provokes the users to import vCard to excel. Moving further elaborates the approaches by which users can easily open vCard file in Excel

Import vCard Contacts to Excel

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Let’s start with the manual method first, to view and import VCF to Excel file.

Steps to Open VCF File in Excel Using MS Outlook 

  • Run MS Outlook and click in the File option
  • Press the ImportExport Wizard
  • Choose Import a VCF file  and after that click on the Next button
  • Here you will see the vCard file in the contact wizard
  • Now, again click on the ImportExport wizard but this time select Export to a File
  • Choose CSV
  • Choose the destination and save the file.

Shortcomings of the manual approach

  • To open VCF file in excel through a manual process is a very lengthy process.
  • This technique consumes more human time and effort.
  • Very difficult task for the non technical employees.
  • There are high chances that users’ data can be lost.

Alternative Solution to Import vCard to Excel

An Expert recommended solution is designed with all the advanced technology. The converter helps you to provide more powerful and genuine results to view VCF file with all contact details. You can open multiple files in Excel using this utility. Users can import n numbers of VCF contacts to Excel in bulk.

With the help of the utility, the user can sort all the contacts in the vCard file in any desired order. Keeping all the technicalities and problems of the users in mind, the software is designed so that the user can easily work without facing any single issue.

Steps to Open VCF file in Excel Without Any Email Client

  • Launch the software, you will see the Dual Mode Add File and Add Folderadd file and add folder
  • Next, here you see the preview & export vCard filepreview vcf file
  • From the Export Option choose CSV, choose CSV
  • Press the Export button to convert VCF to Excel file. press export button

Astonishing Features of the Software

  • The tool provides an option to transfer multiple VCF contacts to excel format at once. It extracts all the contact attributes from the source.
  • It exports all types of VCF files i.e., is single as well as multiple contacts.
  • The utility supports importing vCard to excel on Windows Operating System 11 & below versions.
  • It offers features to merge numerous vCard files into one. 


From the above discussion we can conclude that users can open VCF file in Excel using manual as well professional approach. But we have discussed that the manual approach has many limitations that restrict us to use it. So for easy and effortless working we recommend you to use an automated solution. This will allow you to open vCard file in excel without installing any email client.

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