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How To Pick a Logo Symbol For Your Brand

The logo symbol is the center of the brand. It clearly tells people what you do, what your brand is about, and what values your brand runs on. A logo symbol can communicate with your audience and it speaks volumes about your brand. You must pick the right logo symbol for your company but you must be wondering how you can do that.

Here we have listed out how you can pick a logo symbol for your brand-

Why Do You Need a Logo Symbol

A logo symbol enhances the chances of you building a great brand identity for your brand. For people who are just beginning, you can capture some type of brand equity with this.

A logo symbol is a visual representation that tells all about your brand. It acts as a device that will attract your target audience and communicate with them. It communicates emotions that are related to your brand. Remember, people do not buy products, they buy emotions. So, a logo symbol can help you out create a brand identity and target the right emotions.

Various Types of Logo Symbols

There are various types of logo symbols such as animals, mascots, abstracts and icons, emblems, crests, interactive logo symbols, etc. Let’s discuss them in detail.

  • Mascots

Mascots can help in portraying a unique brand story. It works for those companies which already have a background or tradition. These kinds of logos are powerful and create a personal connection that gives a sense of humanity to your brand. You can create logo that has a mascot symbol that shares history with your brand.

The Celtics winking Leprechaun portrays rich Irish heritage and also represents one of the most storied teams in the game.

  • Abstracts and Icons

Next, you can create logo that is made up of abstracts or icons. It is one of the most commonly used logo symbols. There are plenty of shapes, icons, or objects that you can choose from to outline logo. The best abstract logos portray some core aspects of the brand.

For example, Tinder is a dating app with a simple flame icon in its logo. It tells about the spark and interest that the users might feel. Thus, you can use symbols to capture specific ideas about your brand

  • Crests, Emblems, and Trademarks

Bacardi has a logo symbol that perfectly portrays the brand. It is drawn from a century of heritage. The logo design takes the viewers back to the dusty streets of 1862 Santiago de Cuba. Therefore, Crests, trademarks, emblems can be used to suggest the rich depth of character and legacy of your brand.

  • Interactive

You can make a logo using logo symbols with text in 2 ways- static or dynamic. Static logo symbols are simple and straightforward. Whereas, the dynamic logo symbols and text rely on a direct interaction of the two, such as the Amazon logo.

Interactive logo symbols are a little hard to design but the results you receive are often worth the time and energy. The Amazon symbol acts as a representation of the brand’s promise that they have every product from A to Z and it also represents a friendly smile.

  • Animal Logo Symbols

Animals have a deep effect on our brains. We recognize in seconds what a logo conveys if include animals in it. For instance, think of the Red Bull logo. It has a rich history in which animals symbolism is used to convey a powerful message.

This is a great example to show that animal logo symbols work quite well. The image of two bulls fighting aggressively enhances the power of the logo. It can never make a similar impact if it was just written in text.

How To Pick Logo Symbol for Your Brand

Now that you found out what kind of logo symbols are available, you need to pick one for your brand. Here is how to pick one-

  • Begin With a Core Idea

First of all, you must have an idea in your mind about the logo and brand itself. Keep in mind, simple ideas work much better. For example, Nike’s Swoosh, Apple’s apple, Microsoft’s windows symbol, etc.

Great brands with famous logos usually work on one big idea while creating the logo designs. The logo that you create now is going to be the basis of the future feeling that will be associated with your brand. Think clearly about who you are, what makes you different, and what mission you have.

  • Keep Your Industry in Mind

Once you have found out the core idea, now see if it matches with your industry or not. You can find a symbol that directly relates to your industry such as a cup for a coffee shop, cake for a bakery, etc. Here you will focus on the character that you wish to portray. Other than this, go with a powerful story. The Nike logo does not talk about sportswear but the story behind it perfectly relates. The story you tell must relate to your customers at the end.

  • Try and Explore Ideas

Now it is time to begin the work. Try and explore your ideas and give them time. You will not discover the perfect idea for the first time, that only happens in fiction. You can either take a pen and paper and try out various symbols. Or, go online, open a logo maker and give several related symbols a try. Designhill logo maker is a free tool to design an amazing logo in just a few minutes. It also has graphic design templates to make your work easier.

  • Consider Concept and Execution

Concept and execution must be kept in mind while choosing a logo symbol. Let’s take an example, you run a body-building gym called Dog Pound. So, the type of dog you use here is the execution of the idea.

In the end, you must create a logo that is memorable, timeless, and minimalistic. The logo design must be well designed and executed and story-concept driven too. Your target audience should readily understand what values your brand has, and what you exactly do.

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