How to prepare for the GRE?

Exams are crucial as they give us a glimpse of our knowledge. There are many exams conducted worldwide to have an admission in various colleges. One of the main exams to gain entry to the world’s top colleges is GRE (Graduate Record Examination), conducted by ETS (Education Testing Services).

It is the most widely accepted graduation admission test worldwide by top graduate-level schools. Currently, it offers a computer-based and paper-based examination. There are some effective offline and online coaching’s available one can see them by searching as gre classes near me. Some crucial information that needs to be known much before the examination are listed below:-


 The eligibility criteria for GRE is to have a document that proves your identity. In India, one should have a valid passport and not photocopies that have one’s full name and signature. No other documentation like a birth certificate or international driving license falls under the eligibility criteria. Apart from this, it has not fixed any age or time limit to give the exam, however, there are age-based criteria set by universities for each program. 

Exam dates

This exam does not have set any specific dates. One can take the exam by fixing an appointment with the closest GRE center. From August to December, it became difficult to have a meeting with them according to one’s comfort. So it becomes crucial to plan for GRE preparation, schedule, and test dates well in advance. One can take GRE general test once every 21 days and up to five times a year.

Exam fee

GRE demands only $250  amount accept countries like Australia, China, Nigeria, Turkey, which set lesser payment for this examination. 

Various guidelines to crack the examination – One has to do hard work to achieve something and make changes in one’s daily life. Some suggestions are listed below-

  1. Never copy – People generally copy the strategies of those who have already cracked the examination. There is a need to identify one’s way of doing the study. Things should be planned well before the execution, as planning is of utmost importance. 
  2. Syllabus – One should be clear with the syllabus as no examination can be cracked without a syllabus. The syllabus should be stuck on the front wall of one’s study table so that one can keep checking on it when needed.
  3. Study efficiently – Studying with a fresh mind (without any stress) gives one a better result. If one is studying with focus 4 hours per day then he\she can get results of higher quality.

Everyone wants to crack the exam that makes one close to their aim but it needs a lot of patience and belief in ourselves. As every exam has its demand well-presented in the syllabus. GRE also has some demands, like evaluating one’s reasoning, Mathematics, Grammar, etc. One can take help from the paid or free pdf provided by ETS and can work on it according to their goals. Determination and discipline in following the daily routine is the way to achieve success. There are many exams conducted worldwide to have an admission in various colleges.

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