How to Use Wishlist plugin in woocommerce

WooCommerce wishlist plugin allows users to add and manage their products in their Wishlist. Adding a product to the Wishlist adds it to the list of available products when the user is viewing an order in WooCommerce. This makes it easy for customers to see what they are buying next.

Wishlist for WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that allows users to manage their Wishlist in WooCommerce. Wishlist for WooStore provides users with the ability to add items they are interested in but don’t have enough space left on their cart or wish list. It also provides the option of checking out items on your store without adding them to your cart first.

A product can be added to the wishlist by creating a Product ID that will be automatically associated with the product when it is clicked. The user can manage the products in their wishlist by adding, editing, deleting, and updating them. 

The customer reviews for each product are also kept separate so that they can easily see what customers think about it before they purchase it.

How to install and use WooCommerce Wishlist plugin

The WooCommerce Wishlist plugin helps users create and manage their wishlist of products that can be purchased at their own time. This plugin allows the user to create the Wishlist, share it with other users and allow them to access and update the Wishlist at their own will.

Nowadays, there are a lot of shopping websites available on the internet. In the era of so many options, having a wish-list is a great way to keep track of products that you want to purchase in the future.

  1. Download the plugin via WordPress.org
  2. Upload the ZIP file through the ‘Plugins > Add New > Upload’ screen in your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

The WooCommerce Wishlist plugin allows you to add and manage your favorite products in your Wishlist. This makes easy for users to manage their products that they are interested in buying.

 The Wishlist plugin also allows you to create different Wishlists, so you can have one Wishlist plugin for Christmas presents for your family, and one for all the other things you are buying. 

WooCommerce has been a great success for their customers. They have never been afraid of introducing a new product to the world, and this is why they have a large community of customers who were happy to buy products from them.

What are the features given.

plugin you might have heard about. The plugin allows you to manage your Wishlist on WooCommerce. You can add products, edit existing products or remove them from your list. Also, here by attaching some features.

  • Select Wishlist page
  • Can control the use of Wishlist for unauthenticated users.
  • Select “Add to wishlist” button style.
  • Customizable Wishlist table columns
  • Redirect to the Cart page after adding products to the cart.
  • Custom CSS styles option
  • roduct variation support
  • Translation ready

A WooCommerce Wishlist plugin is a great way to increase sales as it allows customers to view their favourite products from your online store. By adding products to their wishlist, they are able to compare prices, read reviews and make decisions to purchase.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms worldwide and allows you to create your online shop with ease. If you use WooCommerce, then you will know that one of their features is the Wishlist.

WooCommerce Wishlist plugin is an easy to use, feature packed plugin that allows users to add and manage their favourite products in their Wishlist.


The WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin allows you to create a wishlist for your customers to easily view and manage. Your customers can add products to their wishlist and then purchase those items at a later date.

 This is a great way to increase customer satisfaction and make them feel valued. Adding a wishlist to your store is a great way to capture potential sales and increase revenue.

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