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Importance of Arthroscopy To An Orthopedic Surgeon in Lahore

Joint pain is crucial. None of us wants to live with pains that hinder activities and work efficiency, also it tires a person mentally. Staying healthy physically and mentally is what every person desire. To look after bone health turn to an orthopedic surgeon in Lahore as they are at your service to put their best and help overcome musculoskeletal issues. As the world is changing continuously, technology is also evolving making surgical procedures easy to conceive with better results. Computer-aided machines are helping orthopedic surgeon in Lahore  commence surgery in the best possible way. Arthroscopy is one such method that changed the scenario and make the surgical procedure quick and stress-free.

Understanding arthroscopic procedure

Arthroscopy is a procedure perform using an arthroscope which is a pen-like tool with a small camera and light at the top. The patient is place according to the position of the device and given anesthesia. So he or she doesn’t feel pain while operating. Anesthesia can be localize i.e. inject to numb only the concern area, regional i.e. given in the spine to numb the lower body, or general I.e. inject into a vein so the patient remains unconscious throughout the arthroscopic procedure. Which anesthesia to be given depends on the nature of the issue to be treat and how long the procedure will be?

A small incision is make on the skin over an affect area which is enough to insert an arthroscope. The light enlightens internal space and the camera shows live video from inside over a computer screen placed nearby. If need surgeon could operate the problem by inserting tools through other small cuts make nearby. The arthroscopic procedure takes an hour at maximum and as incisions are small patient is shift to the recovery room to keep under observation for a couple of hours and maybe discharge the same day if any expect complications don’t encounter. The Joint is immobilize using a splint, cast or brace and the patient is prescribe certain medications including anti-inflammatory and painkillers to relieve pain and discomfort that may arise.

Benefits of arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is the most practised method by an orthopedic surgeon in Pakistan due to its feasibility and quick recovery of patients afterwards. Here are mention a few points of its importance.

  • Conventional methods include making huge cuts to expose the joint underneath for repair which took time to heal after surgery. With arthroscopy things are change as small incisions are make which heals quickly.
  • Patients could recover quickly and the immobilization period is shorten which means a quick return to routine activities after a few days of surgery.
  • Damage to blood vessels through arthroscopy is much less than open surgery where muscles and passing blood vessels are cut causing a lot of bleeding and affecting the patient’s health.
  • As incisions are small they heal quickly and the formation of scars over the skin is less.
  • It’s the real-time visual so the surgeon can diagnose the matter rightly by directing the device to a region he wants.
  • It’s not only the diagnostic tool like other imaging tests but also helps to make repairs at the instance issue is diagnosed.
  • An orthopedic surgeon in Lahore recommends arthroscopy if other imaging tests are not satisfying or unable to diagnose the matter.

Diagnosis and treatments made through arthroscopy

An orthopedic surgeon in Pakistan use the arthroscopic procedure for the following concerns:

  • Shoulder issues include tendonitis, torn rotator cuff, shoulder arthritis, bursitis, frozen shoulder and labral tears.
  • Knees concerns include cartilage transfer, microfracture, torn anterior cruciate ligament also known as ACL Injury. Tears to meniscus cartilage, and damaged meniscus which needed advanced treatment. Also, the dislocate kneecap can be repair through arthroscopy.
  • Hip injuries like loose cartilage, damaged cartilage, diseased hip joint due to arthritis, snapping hip syndrome. Labral tears are also easy to repair through arthroscopy.
  • Ankle and foot issues comprising posterior ankle pain, cartilage damage, scar tissue, bone spur, and injuries. Due to bone spur can be improve using this technique.
  • Ganglion cysts, hand and wrist ligament injuries, and fractures are handle using an arthroscope.

See how many concerns can be resolved with just one procedure that promises quick recovery ahead. This makes this tool the most important equipment for orthopedists to use for treatment.


Every surgical procedure adheres to complications, some have minor while others may develop major ones. Also, it depends upon the patient’s condition, every case is different. An orthopedic surgeon in Lahore  struggles to plan the best treatment strategy that could help relieve pain. Arthroscopy is a modern technique that provides surgery through a minimally invasive method.

Each surgery sticks to difficulties, some have minor while others might foster significant ones. Additionally, it relies on the patient’s condition, each case is unique. A muscular specialist in Lahore  battles to design the best treatment system that could assist with soothing pain. Arthroscopy is a cutting edge procedure that gives a medical procedure through an insignificantly obtrusive technique.

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