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Importance of Concrete Blocks in Constructions

For centuries people have adopted new ways to build their dream house that match their taste and culture. And concrete blocks are one of the greatest inventions of time.

So, you might wonder about the importance of concrete blocks in constructions, right? Okay, I’m here to help you with your queries. Without further ado, let’s start with the details.

What Is A Concrete Block?

Do you know what a concrete construction block is? Well, by the name, you definitely get that it’s a ‘block building’ made out of concrete. These blocks are combined together with cement, sand, water, and others to form a stable structure.

Depending on density, weight, and other characteristics, concrete blocks are mainly three types. They are-

Solid Concrete Blocks

This type of block has the highest density since they are 55% solid. These also include aggregates, stone chips, and other bonding ingredients to enhance strength. Solid concrete blocks are mainly used in heavy construction like bridges, dams, etc.

Hollow Concrete Block

Because of the 25% solid materials, these blocks are extremely lightweight. Hollow concrete blocks are further divided into three categories: core-filled block, column block, and slump block.

These are perfect for constructing structural walls and partitioning walls. Commercial and residential buildings have widely used this type of block.

Interlocking Concrete Block

Interlocking concrete blocks are designed with an interlocking system. They are available in small to large sizes. Basically, they serve the purpose of decoration and load-bearing.

Anyway, these are the fundamental facts about concrete blocks that you should know. Now, it’s time to see why they are important in construction.

What Are The Benefits of Concrete Block?

The benefits of concrete blocks are summarized below.

Reducing Overall Cost

The uniform size of concrete blocks reduces plaster usage. As a result, you can save your budget in this area.

On the other hand, the maintenance cost of these blocks is also relatively very less. They don’t need frequent maintenance and also last for ages.

Protect The Environment

You know, manufacturing clay bricks needs large amounts of land, as well as tons of wood and coals. Every year, unfortunately, many agricultural lands around the world have been destroyed just for this reason.

However, we can stop this by using concrete blocks since they don’t need any natural resources. They are more environmentally friendly.

Makes More Room

Unlike typical brick, these blocks come with narrower shapes. Hence, the wall made out of this doesn’t take much space. So, you can have more carpet area.

Provides Incredible Durability to Your Structure

Building blocks are extremely resistant to fire, flood, earthquake, etc., natural disasters. Besides, the custom size and shape of the individual unit allow the structure to have comparatively fewer joints, which enhances the strength of the building. Furthermore, you also won’t face wall warping or rotting. Your house will remain beautiful for a very long time.

Gives The Needed Flexibility

The different sizes and designs of concrete blocks make them ideal for different kinds of applications. Along with typical rectangle walls, it’s also easy to build archways, columns, or any feature you can imagine.

Noise-Free Environment

People living in apartments or roadside buildings need to make their homes sound-free. For this purpose, they usually need to spend extra bucks on noise insulation materials.

However, these concrete blocks can isolate noise naturally due to their mass and damping materials. Therefore, without any additional costs, you can make your home soundproof.

Provide Comfortability in All Weather

Building blocks do not allow the outside temperature in the building. For this, your house will be cool in summer and warm in winter.

See? You can also save on air-conditioning costs! Besides, it’s another way to save energy and minimize the greenhouse effect.

Well, there are so many advantages of this block, aren’t there? But since nothing can be hundred percent perfect, there are a few drawbacks in this case too.

Few Downsides

You might experience the following problems with concrete blocks.

  • Lack of raw materials will make this thing very expensive
  • You need experienced and skilled laborers for fast and steady production

Anyway, I have nothing more to add to this write-up now. So, let’s conclude here.

Final Words

I hope, by the time you understand the importance of concrete blocks in constructions. From building a whole building to small landscape projects, these blocks are effective in all cases.

Instead of typical clay bricks, we should increase the use of these blocks widely.

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