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Inspiration to Write a Thesis Statement

Essay writing is not an easy task especially when it is lengthy and you start to procrastinate and due to this, it gets delayed. Students find it a boring task as it take a lot amount of time to complete an essay. You need a whole day for it if you want to do it within a day due to your deadline. Not only has this, but essay writing also demanded high-quality writing skills.

Students stare at their blank screen for long just because they don’t have any idea about how to start it as it follows a proper structure. The basic structure of the essay is comprised of three basic parts that are

  1. The introduction and the thesis statement
  2. The main body, and
  3. The conclusion

There is one another thing a student must need to add during the introduction that is the thesis statement. Do you know what a thesis statement is? “A thesis statement is the main idea of the paper that comes at the end of the introduction”. It is important as it helps to aware the reader about the main theme, helps to look your paper more logical, and most importantly helps you to develop a strong argument. Some students fail to write a strong one and opt for the mphil thesis writing help in USA by The Research Guardian service to get it done. But, a little bit of inspiration is all you need to write a good thesis statement and you are good to go. Let’s look at them.

1.   Brainstorming is what you need first:

Before you start writing or start looking for inspiration to write a good thesis statement. You need to do brainstorming. Search for useful links and read them. The more you read, the more ideas you will get. Take out a paper and pen and write down whatever you are getting inside your mind and you think will help to create a strong thesis.

2.   Go Through Some Good Examples:

You wanted to know what a good thesis looks like then you should start looking for some good examples. It will help you to give a clear picture of how to write it. Take a look at this example and see how you can also write a good one.

E.g. Organizations should provide more opportunities to work from home. They should limit the work hours or days so that the workers can have a good work-life balance and become more productive during office hours.

3.   Learn From Mistakes:

If you think you are making mistakes in writing a thesis statement or you got feedback from your professor that this needs to be correct. Don’t be disappointed. Look where are you doing a mistake and try to overcome it. Let’s take a look at a bad thesis statement example:

E.g. the junk food in the US is unhealthy and expensive and we should not eat it at all.

The statement is unclear as it is not mentioned that why the food is unhealthy. It should be clearer so readers can understand it better.

Correct Statement: Due to the increase in cardiovascular diseases and obesity issues, lawmakers should make sure to keep an eye on the food quality and make it affordable, so that every person can consume it.

4.   Check different Styles of Thesis Statement:

There are two different types of thesis statements. The first is informative and the second is persuasive. Choose which one you want to write in. student more likely to looking for the online thesis writing service because they meet the deadline near for the thesis and getting tough time for their terms exams. Look for more examples and search for what they are. You can also read various books and articles to get better details of the styles. You will find various points and themes that will help you to know about thesis statements.

E.g. Chronicles of Narnia is one the best works of the 20th century because it allows you to escape from the reality, teach the audience to not lose hope, and have faith even when they don’t know, and also have vibrant characters.

Some Tips for a Good Thesis Statement:

  • Start with a question
  • Write the initial answer
  • Create your answer
  • Make sure to make it clear and concise
  • Don’t add additional information

The Conclusion:

You have the information on how to get inspiration for a good thesis statement, and also have the additional tips on what things should be kept in mind while creating a good thesis statement. So, what are you waiting for? Take out the pen and paper or start typing and write a good thesis statement. GOOD LUCK!!

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