IoT Mobile App Development: Benefits, Challenges, & Impact

Have you realized that you could use smartphones to control thermostats, monitor security cameras and even remotely start vehicles? What about drawing the curtains or turning on the air cooling system? That’s all possible with your smartphone! How? The answer is easy: IoT App Development & Mobile App Integration.

In the present day, the physical world interacts with our digital one. Digital systems record, monitor & alter every interaction between physical objects. A study suggests that by 2024, there’ll be over 65 billion Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices.

There will be greater connectivity to devices than the Earth’s inhabitants. However, this phenomenon is referred to by being given a name. It is called the IoT (Internet of Things). It is an ecosystem that includes physical objects accessible online.

IoT application development provides full control over capabilities of appliances and gadgets by using smartphones. This article will discuss the definition of IoT, and the benefits, issues, and impacts you need to know about.

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Internet Of Things (IoT): Basic Overview

Sensors gather data and send it to the cloud , which is accessible via an app for smartphones. This also permits data collection, which allows us to use analyses of data to predict the outcome and then make the right decision. By doing this, we can improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes.

Benefits of IoT App Development

The benefits of IoT Application Development are as follow:

  • Getting into a Niche Market

While IoT benefits are irresistible yet many businesses aren’t making use of IoT application development services. They don’t know that developing an application for mobile devices that is customized using IoT can help them gain an edge. Therefore, you must hire IoT app developers to make an entry into the niche market. 

  • Relevant Insights

IoT is a system that is composed of numerous interconnected devices, sensors, servers, sensors, etc. The greatest benefit is that you can make use of that information to make informed decisions related to the consumer’s behavior and purchasing patterns in real-time. Then, you can adjust your business processes in line with it.

For example, you could make the needed changes to inventory, and also revamp your products and marketing strategies. Data-driven marketing can enable you to compete more effectively. You can also give a more personalized and relevant customer experience.

  • Adaptability

Customers today appreciate accessibility. The combination of IoT with mobile apps development allows them to access any connected physical object in any area of the globe at one click using their mobile phones.

Your IoT application development company will make sure that your mobile application with IoT capabilities can grow with IoT platforms’ increased capabilities and the increased usage of networks of users.

Impacts Of IoT App Development 


  • Offers Hybrid Applications

Who wouldn’t like to test fresh ideas today? Everyone is searching to find a solution that will improve our interactions in the present. Mobile apps development companies are employing the current UI/UX technologies using advanced code to develop hybrid applications.

  • Provides a Centralized App

IoT is a vast array of possibilities and options in its offerings on the marketplace. It focuses on providing an all-in-one platform for users to manage several devices. This has enhanced the process of managing and has reduced costs for end-users as well as app developers.

  • Provides High End security

IoT provides an unprecedented number of entry points, which could pose a serious security risk to the applications. In the end, it is easier for cybercriminals to take advantage of the information. Developers of apps must be vigilant about cybersecurity to stop any cybercrime.

  • Convenience Guaranteed

Since half of the globe’s population is mobile internet users, it is possible to handle the complete IoT network from anywhere. It is also possible to offer additional functions like social networks’ integration & notifications within the IoT mobile app.

IoT simplifies the lives of not just the customers but also providers of IoT services for application development. App developers don’t need to commit a lot of time or resources to develop an app for mobile devices. Even then they can make devices more engaging and user-friendly.

  • Reduces Human Efforts

IoT allows multiple devices, applications and acts as a system that manages the entire system. Mobile devices equipped with IoT lets you track the location of your cab, turn on the light, & many more. It has also made life simpler for the developers and the end-users. Users can control all using a single device. It also reduces the amount of time spent by developers when creating applications.

Challenges in IoT App Development

IoT platforms typically run on the cloud. They are linked via a central server which serves as an internet service provider for smart devices. This makes the transfer of data a breeze, however some issues arise during this process. This is primarily because of the central nature of these services.

  • Incomplete Trust on IoT Application Development

The data that is stored by IoT platforms cannot be trusted 100%. We are unable to determine if the information has been altered or modified prior to the sending. For instance, the major car-sharing services do not offer an application that permits users to share maps. They need to gather and store these data on their own.

  • Lack of Security in IoT App Development

Security is the main issue when it comes to IoT application development. With the interconnected devices, it is difficult to secure every device on the network, & protect the patterns of users. In other words, the greater the number of gadgets linked to the network, more vulnerabilities and security risks exist.

The majority of these security threats are based on attacks against cloud services. Cloud servers typically store huge and private data that becomes an ideal attack target for hackers with sophisticated skills. These attacks usually result in financial losses that range between $40 billion and $110 billion.

  • No User Privacy in IoT App Development

IoT is the breach of privacy for many consumers. Many studies conducted show that people are mostly worried about the lack of privacy when they use IoT mobile applications.

Last Say

Integrating IoT with mobile apps can provide your company with the edge to prosper in a competitive market. If you’d like to offer outstanding customer service, improve engagement with your clients and increase revenue from your mobile app. All this while taking into consideration the cost and technological capabilities in your mind: IoT App Development is the right way to go!

Author’s Bio

Harry Miller is a professional app developer at MobileCoderz, an established & leading Andoid & IoT App Development Company. Having more than 15 years of expertise in the app industry, he/she has worked with many SMEs and leading StartUps. Except for the professional background, he/she is a national level Football player and loves to follow his/her passion on weekends.

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