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Is lung cancer curable?

Lung cancer is the second highest cancer mortality rate today. That’s why many people when diagnosed with lung cancer often have a lot of thoughts, they often ask a lot of questions related to lung cancer. And the most frequently asked question is “is lung cancer curable ?”

The treatment of lung cancer also depends a lot on the stage of detection of the disease, the patient’s condition, as well as the response factors of the body, the lung cancer treatment that the doctor offers.

Is lung cancer curable?

Lung cancer is a dangerous disease, but when it is diagnosed, the disease is already at a late stage. reduce discomfort.

However, if lung cancer is detected at an early stage, it can be cured.

Is early stage lung cancer curable?

Early stage (early stage) lung cancer, if lung cancer is detected, at this time the tumor in the lung has just formed, is still quite small, has not shown any signs of spreading to blood tissues and lymph nodes. , if surgical treatment, after 5 years without any signs and symptoms of cancer appear, this is considered to be a cure for lung cancer. However, there are very few cases where lung cancer can be detected at an early stage.
The effectiveness of lung cancer treatment depends on factors such as:

  • Stage of the disease.
  • Methods of disease treatment
  • Health and fitness of the patient.
  • These are considered three main factors for doctors to predict how long a lung cancer patient will live.

Is stage 2 lung cancer curable?

Like early stage lung cancer, stage 2 lung cancer is difficult to detect. However, in stage 2, the tumor begins to spread to nearby tissues, if the tumor is still quite small, surgery is still possible to cure.

With stage 2 lung cancer and the tumor is small, the 5-year survival rate is 35-45%. However, the level of success depends a lot on the advancement of science and technology in medicine, and the way it is treated.

Is stage 3 lung cancer curable?

Stage 3 lung cancer is when the tumor begins to invade locally, metastasize to other areas. At this time, the possibility of cure is very low, the surgery to remove the tumor can still leave cancer cells in the body, the risk of recurrence is quite high, this time it needs to be combined with radiation therapy, or chemotherapy. Treatment to treat symptoms, and stop the growth of cancer cells.
Targeted therapy will help prolong life or treat symptoms at this stage. Erlotinib ( Tarceva ), Gefitinib ( Geftib ) are said to be effective in prolonging life.

Immunotherapy has also shown positive results in helping patients live longer. Pembrolizumab ( Keytruda ), Nivolumab ( Opdivo ) are two common immunosuppressants used.

Is late stage lung cancer curable?

Stage 4 lung cancer is when the tumor has spread to all parts of the body. At this time, a complete cure is not possible, treatment only helps prolong life and relieve symptoms

Using drugs to treat is preferred when lung cancer is already in the terminal stage. Osimertinib ( Osimert , Tagrisso , Tagrix ), Gefitinib ( Iressa 250mg ) is thought to be effective at this stage.

Summary. Lung cancer is curable if detected at an early stage. The later the disease is detected, the worse the prognosis, the patient needs to pay close attention to the symptoms of the disease. For more visit mediaid pharmacy.


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