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Is Social Media becoming too toxic?

Businesses use social media to reach out to customers by utilizing a popular new communication method. It initially began as a way to interact with friends and family, but it was later adopted by businesses for marketing purposes. This allows you to connect and share information with anyone on Earth. It also allows you to share information with multiple people at once. The number of social media users worldwide exceeds 3.8 billion.

What is Social Media?

Computer-based technologies that allow the interchange of ideas, opinions, and information via virtual networks and communities are referred to as social media. It is an internet-based content-sharing service that allows users to share personal information, documents, movies, and images rapidly and electronically. Web applications or software are used to access computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Different types of Social Media Platform

  • Sites for social networking
  • Reviews on social media
  • Sites for sharing images
  • Sites that host videos
  • Community blogs
  • Forums for discussion

Impact of Social Media on Youth

To find out if social media is toxic for youth or not let’s discuss both advantages and disadvantages.

It has become so important to today’s generation that it is now their main priority. As a result, they neglect important things like family, sports, and school to be on site all the time. Approximately half of the 1,500 young people surveyed by Common Sense Media in 2021 said social media is very important to them because it allows them to stay in touch with friends and family while socially distancing themselves, get support and advice, and feel less alone. Among them, 43 percent said using it helped them relax when they were worried, stressed, or depressed.

Youth, on the other hand, can experience serious mental health implications as a result of their usage of it. This is especially true in the case of teen depression. Teens are more exposed to cyberbullying, body image disorders, and technology addiction as a result of their excessive usage of these applications, as well as less real-world time spent engaging in healthy activities. According to a Pew Research survey, while most parents assume they know what their children post on it, at least 70% of teenagers keep their internet activities hidden from their parents.


  • Providing opportunities for learning and networking –

    Most of the top e-learning sites promote social learning as an alternative to classroom-based learning. Students can join online tutorials through e-learning websites and discuss their learning experiences or concerns through a variety of channels.

  • Expression of Creative Ideas –

    Communication with others is a lot easier now than it was previously. Social media, on the other hand, has made this possible. Students have been able to demonstrate their talent and participate in events utilizing  Rather than the traditional technique of waiting for a chance. Students now have a wonderful avenue to showcase their talents thanks to the advent of social media.

  • Exposure to a global perspective –

    Because social media is such a vast platform, it is simple for students to communicate with anyone on the globe. Isn’t it true that when kids are allowed to engage with individuals on such a large scale, they absorb an incredible quantity of knowledge? They can even learn about different civilizations from around the world. Their culture, lifestyle, traditions, language, lifestyle, dietary preferences, and other characteristics are all fascinating. Students can also learn about the many courses offered by institutions all across the world.

  • Opportunities for Employment-

    Furthermore, It can help students learn about the organization and numerous disciplines linked to their interests. Reviewers can browse other people’s reviews and comments to see what they have to say about the company. Companies should also pay attention to other people’s ratings. Students have been able to check the ratings given to a certain company on social media in recent years. This aids students in enhancing their visibility. Students can make themselves noticeable by taking initiative and forming relationships with everyone. Students can demonstrate their abilities by using it.

The disadvantage of Social Media

  • Addiction –

    Students are distracted by Social Media because they overuse it. If students overuse it, it causes them to become addicted, and this will cause them to experience negative consequences inside and outside the classroom.

  • Distractions come from social media –

    “Distraction leads to disaster,” as a wise man once observed. As a result, many students are distracted, which often leads to the erosion of their academic greatness, which is why they are in school in the first place.

  • Social media can cause health issues –

    Social media also hurts people’s health. Excessive usage of these platforms has been linked to a wide range of health issues. Excessive use of platforms throughout the day and night leads to increasing lethargy. Those who are addicted become sluggish and gain weight as a result of their regular use. They despise going for a walk in the park or engaging in exercise activities.  This produces a slew of health issues in their daily lives, as well as a variety of severe diseases.

  • Causes a lack of time management –

    Because there is always an academic calendar at school, it is critical to follow it. When students do not adhere to this calendar, their ability to move to the following class is harmed. As a result, students must learn to manage their time effectively. Students who waste hours are unable to effectively manage their time. They neglect to attend to the other responsibilities they have.

  • Students become lazy with social media –

    Students tend to grow lazy as a result of social media, preferring to stay at home and copy and paste the author’s perspective rather than going to the library to inquire, acquire data, and establish their thoughts on a given topic or issue.

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