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LED Lights and Their Purpose in the Home

Magik LED Lights

Home has so many rooms, washrooms, cabinets, etc. it and all of them serve different purposes and so the items required in making them up may also vary. From the difference in shape to build to material used in them all may be totally different and one such factor that also varies from room to room is the lighting. Lighting plays an important part in the life of us humans, and it is very evident in the way humans have evolved to work during day time and rest at night. Light also brings with it a sense of safety and refreshment to many, and so lighting plays such a big part in our lives, and it is not shocking.

A washroom may need a light source that is enclosed yet provides sufficient lighting and can deal with fog, while a living room may need a light that lights up the room sufficiently to make everything present in the room visible. So here we look at the kinds of light that take care of each area in the home. To be more specific, we look at LED lights and their use in homes because these lights are not only efficient but cheap, durable, and easy on the pocket.

Personal room

An LED light with 1500 to 4000 lumens is enough for being used in a living room. The colour temperature should be 2700 to 3000K. These lights are perfect for living rooms since they don’t emit out blue light and help the mind to relax. In fact, they help produce the chemicals necessary for resting and which helps the body to go to sleep easily, and since the living room is basically for sleeping and resting and so the combination is perfect.

In-home office

If a person were to have a workplace in the home, then that would be one area where they would be looking to be more active. In order to be active, it is suggested that one is supposed to have a more cool white or light blue lighting that helps the brain become more time and focused. So in places like these, 3000 to 6000 lumens of lighting is needed, and it should have a colour temperature of 3000 to 5000K. In fact, a LED bulb can be used in a table lamp set up to provide the required amount of lighting.

Guest room

These places are usually the busiest places in a home, so it is not uncommon for them to have a mix and match of various kinds of LED lights. One can have spotlights in the guest room to put light on certain special objects or bright lights to accommodate more objects and people in the room or dim light to create a proper resting kind of ambience. Various types of lights like LED fine light and bulb can be in use at the same time as well. LED panel lighting can be used as well, around which a design pattern can be built to make the room appear more stylish. An LED light of 1500 to 3000 lumens with a colour temperature of 2200 to 3000K is more than enough for the guest room.

Dining Area

LED down lights for homes are available specifically to serve a purpose in such areas. These bulb-like setups are enclosed in the ceiling and provide just the adequate amount of light to brighten up the room and prevent a person from dozing off. The light should not be too much bright to avoid causing problems to the people having the room. People can also opt to go for chandeliers to make the room look more attractive. However, the lighting still would have to be bright enough only to illuminate the room without being a problem to the user. So light of 3000 to 6000 lumen is good enough, and the colour temperature should stay in the range of 2200 to 3000K.

Kitchen and Washrooms

4000 to 8000 lumens of lighting is enough for both areas; however, the kitchen needs 2700 to 5000K of colour temperature as opposed to 3000 to 5000K required by the washroom. A common LED tube light for home should be able to take care of both areas. However, a lot of people usually prefer to have bulbs in washrooms because they are compact in size, which may help them stay away from water, and they can also be enclosed. agario

So LED lights, along with being multi-purpose and pocket-friendly, also come to use in various capacities in different areas of the home.

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