Making My 2022 Christmas List

The holidays are fast approaching, and it’s time to think about how to celebrate. For me, this means writing up a Christmas list and figuring out what I’d like to get my family and friends.

It can be overwhelming to figure out exactly what everyone wants, so I like to make a list of ideas throughout the year and keep a reference sheet for when it’s time to shop.

Candle Set for My Mom

My mom loves candles, and always has at least one burning in her house. This year, I’d like to get her a set that has all sorts of floral, earthy scents. She is a big proponent of nature and meditation, so I’m positive this would make a wonderful gift!

Plus, candles and incense are good for you. My mom always tells me about their effects, so I think this set will support her health and help her relax after a long day.

New Grilling Cookware for My Dad

My dad loves to grill and cook, so I’m going to surprise him with some new cooking tools. Whenever my family goes over to my parents’ house, my dad always cooks a big meal or grills us some steak. He could definitely do with some new cookware!

I even bought him new pots and pans for when he cooks inside. They’re nonstick, so he’ll be able to cook things more easily. I’m excited to taste whatever he whips up!

Neon Sign for my Son’s Bedroom

My son’s room has tons of cool posters and decorations, but I think a neon sign would really make it pop. A custom sign can say anything he wants and give his room a unique look. It could also function as a nightlight or be something to show off to his friends.

Either way, I’m sure he would love a neon sign and get good use out of it!

I Deserve to Get Something Too

With all the gifts I’ve bought for other people, it would be a shame not to get myself something. I haven’t wanted anything in particular, so I decided to look online for ideas.

That’s when it came to me: I’ve noticed new wrinkles and droopy skin on my face and have been yearning for a deep plane facelift. It will make me look and feel youthful and refreshed!

I’m going to schedule a consultation with a surgeon very soon so that I can get the procedure over with and recover before Christmas. That way, I’ll still see be able to see everyone and participate in the festivities!

Bluetooth Beanie for My Best Friend

We live in a colder area, so beanies and scarves are a must. Recently, I saw something in a store that looked so cool and practical I couldn’t resist buying it: a Bluetooth beanie!

The Bluetooth beanie is just like a regular beanie, but you can connect your phone to it, listen to music, and take calls. It’s especially useful in a place where we live because, during winter, the wind and snow are harsh, and it can be hard to hear people over the phone.

Now, instead of tucking earbuds under the beanie or wearing bulky headphones over it, you can just wear one with Bluetooth capabilities and do everything without the hassle. It’s genius!

Dino-Themed Gifts for Her Baby Boy

My best friend is expecting, so I’ve decided to get a few things for her baby boy. En özel ve seksi kadınlardan Merter Escort | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizlerle burada bulusuyor. One thing I’ll surprise her with is a dinosaur nightlight so that her baby will feel safe at night. And, besides, what baby boy doesn’t like dinosaurs?

Along with that, I also got a few dino-themed socks, beanies, and dinosaur toys. It all fits together as a perfect little gift!

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