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MOLD TESTING: An Inspection for your New Home

Mold Testing in Bowie and mold inspection is a crucial part of any home purchase or real estate transaction. If you do not consider mold inspection and testing an important part of your home purchase, you could be making a mistake which can lead to huge and expensive consequences later. Molds and fungus can cause major structural damage to your home that would require costly repairs. Mold testing for a new home is an important step, but many homeowners overlook it. In this article, we’ll look at what mold testing involves and answers to common questions.

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Can you conduct a Mold Inspection yourself?

A mold inspection may not be as difficult as you think. All you need to do is have a sharp eye and a good flashlight to conduct a mold inspection. But, if you are not aware of what exactly you are looking for then it is certainly a waste of time. In such cases, opting for a professional mold company to conduct the inspection is an ideal choice. Their years of experience with mold inspection have made them experts in finding out even the tiniest of mold present in your house.


Professional Home Mold Inspection

Hiring a professional mold company can help you in inspecting each corner of your home while finding even the tiniest of the mold present in your house. The foremost and first thing of every inspection team will be to find the common signs of mold growth in your place. Further, testing the quality of air inside your place and knowing whether the air gets infect or not with the help of air purity is a helpful indicator. A professional mold inspector will help in determining any leaks in your house including the damp areas and the drainage system.


How to determine whether there is mold in walls or not?

For all homeowners one of the most unpleasant and smells is mold. Not even a single person wants to see mold in their place whether it is their office or their home. You may sometimes suspect areas where mold can grow but may leave it untreated and end up being too late to get them treated. For instance, having mold behind your molds may not be something which you notice a lot but end up getting serious repercussions. Following is the list of some of the ways to detect mold in your house before they tend to become a bigger problem.


TIP NO 1: Be proactive with any kind of unusual odors

We all can detect an odd odor in our surroundings especially when we are at our home. Usually, the smell tends to go away in a short period but sometimes they may linger. In such situations, you should try to sniff out the source of the smell as soon as possible. In case, the sniffing takes you somewhere around the walls then it is an indication of having hidden mold inside your walls.


TIP NO 2: Keep a lean eye on the discoloration of walls

Your home is entirely made up of walls then tend to be the most crucial part of your home. Yet, no one keeps a close eye on them. It is advisable to keep a sharp eye on your home, especially on your walls. The growth of mold behind your walls is mostly due to the damage caused by water. Leaving behind ridiculous damp stains that stay at your wall’s surface. When you see discoloration on any part of your walls make sure to take an initiative towards them rather than standing pat. In case you are not sure whether there is mold growth or not you can opt for a Mold Testing company.

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