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Moonwell Artemis

Moonwell is an open lending and leasing DeFi protocol for Moonbeam and Moonriver. Since you may assemble it in many different ways, the Moonwell platform is well-suited to the Polkadot and Kusama (DotSama) ecosystems.

For the development of Moonwell Artemis, Moonwell has acquired a round of strategic finance. After raising $10 million, the company was valued at $90 million by HyperSphere Ventures, who co-led the round. Some of the largest crypto and Polkadot ecosystem funds were also involved.

You will access the Polkadot ecosystem through the Moonwell Artemis, which will be activated on Moonbeam by the community there. Through more-collateralized loans and earning tokens as rewards, Moonwell users will be able to give resources and gain rewards.

The Purpose of Moonwell

At least one of the following problems plagues most DeFi platforms:

Protecting Yourself and Having Confidence in Others

There have been numerous hacks and exploits in the DeFi area. Moonwell prioritizes security beyond all else.

To make sure that the most acceptable security procedures are being followed, Moonwell has teamed up with several leading security firms to conduct audits and give continuous competent contract assistance. Another advantage of simulations is that they can help alleviate the effects of economic uncertainty.

User Interface (UI)

You may find a terrible user experience on nearly every DeFi platform. All of the information is both overwhelming and overly technical from the moment it hits the screen. Using a standard clumsy and unintuitive DeFi website is challenging even for seasoned crypto users. Moonwell is easy to use, even for those who have never used DeFi before.

Informing and educating

Moonwell will serve as the primary source of information about DeFi. If you’re using a lending platform, you’ll need to know all about pools, liquidity mining, liquidations, collateral, and support assets.

The Moonwell protocol can be understood and used by anyone with a working knowledge of cryptography. Video tutorials, user instructions, and announcements are all welcome on the Moonwell website.

Participation in the Local Community

The Moonwell community is a place where people can meet and talk about the things that interest them. Discord and Telegram aren’t just for information; they’re for enjoyment, hanging out, and creativity.


People’s lives have been impacted monetarily by Defi, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t harm their bodies and minds as well. Charities will be chosen by a majority vote of the Moonwell residents.

How did Polkadot & Kusama come together?

Other blockchains (parachains) can easily communicate and transfer assets to and from each other using Polkadot, a Layer 0 blockchain. In the multi-chain future of Web 3.0, Polkadot’s interoperability, security, and low transaction fees make it an excellent infrastructure.

Due to Polkadot’s higher entry barrier, Kusama’s growth and innovation have accelerated rapidly. This ecosystem is known as “DotSAM” since Polkadot and Kusama are often combined.

Is there a specific reason why Moonbeam was chosen?

On Polkadot, Moonbeam is the first parachain that is completely interoperable with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Moonbeam is the perfect marriage of two worlds:

  1. The scalability and interoperability of Polkadot.
  2. Ease-of-Use and Developer Community of Ethereum.

For users, developers, and infrastructure providers already familiar with Ethereum, Moonbeam is a simple way to utilize, deploy and create on Pol

The Moonwell community will activate our Moonbeam deployment, Moonwell Artemis if economic conditions on Moonbeam are good.

The Moonbeam Network: Polkadot Ecosystem

After its success, Moonbeam was launched in January 2022 and already had more than 100 projects, integrations and partnerships, demonstrating a lively and engaged community of developers.

You may access the Polkadot ecosystem through Moonbeam, an Ethereum smart contract parachain that is evm-compatible. Using Moonbeam, it’s simple to create interoperable software.

Polkadot parachain Moonbeam shares an essential characteristic of Polkadot, which is the ability to interact and share security with multiple parachains seamlessly.

Moonwell is now able to reach a broader audience outside the Moonbeam network and Polkadot’s current user base.

What is Moonriver?

Mooriver is the network Moonbeam’s sibling network on Kusama. Moonriver, Kusama’s first EVM-compliant parachain, has attracted a wide range of projects, developers, and consumers.

The fact that Moonriver already has sufficient DEX liquidity and Chainlink oracle support means that we can use Moonwell Apollo, our Moonriver deployment, as our first deployment. New items will incubate and evolve on Moonriver before being deployed on Moonbeam, according to the plan.

Moonwell Apollo makes an impressive debut!

This launch was one of the Moonriver networks most successful. In just two weeks, the supply value of the project had reached $250 million.

Additionally, the launch of the MFAM token, which will hand to users alongside the MOVR incentive, will occur on February 22, 2022, which will be a momentous occasion for Moonwell Apollo.
An MFAM token is the first token of the Moonwell Apollo Protocol’s governance system. MFAM can support Moonwell Apollo protocol in the event of a shortfall in the Moonwell security module.

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