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Munnar’s Top 8 Street Foods

Visitors to Munnar’s mysterious hill town gush about its fertile spectacles of undulating greens and the chilly air. There are also a variety of delectable dishes available here. Munnar offers a diverse range of cuisines, including both regional and international fare. I had a great time in the Western Ghats region and ate some delicious meals. Munnar, in addition to its beautiful flora and fauna, offers a variety of mouthwatering street food that will satisfy any foodie. Munnar Family Packages by the best travel agency, Superbmytrip allow you to discover the splendour of God’s own country. Every visitor finds its cold, foggy climate and breathtaking scenery of lush, rolling hills enticing.

This location, in addition to having beautiful weather and scenery, provides visitors with a wide variety of dining options. From puttu to appams with stew, the variety of these street food delicacies will leave you wanting more!

Here is a list of the best street food to try with your family in Munnar:

1.Appam with Stew

Appam, or palappam as we affectionately refer to it, has many names. It is a popular Keralan breakfast dish that is also known as vellayappam or lace appam. The paper-thin outer cover of the appam will leave you wanting more, while the thick, pillowy inside will remind you of a rice pancake. In a traditional southern stew, chunks of chicken or other meat are drenched in a rich coconut gravy. If you prefer a vegetarian option, try it at any Sarvana Bhavan or Arya Bhavan location in Kerala. Appam with vegetable or chicken stew is a comforting dish that will melt in your mouth and leave a delectable flavour on your palate. It is a family breakfast by default that you will see served and loved.

2.Beef Fry in Kerala Style

This flavorful combination would appeal to any South Indian non-vegetarian! The beef is prepared with mustard, curry leaves, and ginger-garlic paste and is best served with Kerala parotha. When on vacation in Munnar, you must not miss out on this authentic Kerala delicacy.

3.Delicious Idiyappam with Egg Curry

Everyone enjoys the breakfast food! This is the breakfast that every South Indian foodie craves. Yes, the delicious Idiyappam, or String Hoppers as some call it. Idiyappam or noolappam is made with rice flour, salt, and water. Which is frequently accompanied by delectable curries made with egg, chicken, mutton, or beef. The fine strands of sevai were intertwined to give this dish a unique texture, but the egg curry served alongside it makes everyone’s mouth water. If you prefer, you can serve additional curries alongside the egg curry. This is one of the best Munnar street food to try.

4.Puttu and Kadala Curry

The filling and delicious Puttu with Kadala curry is a must-try while visiting Munnar. Puttu is a coconut-flavored steamed rice cake. It is known as the Keralan cuisine’s symbol. Puttu is typically served with kadala curry, a native dish made with black chickpeas and flavorful spices and herbs. This delectable Keralan dish is best described as a cylindrical steam-cooked rice cake baked with coconut shavings. Adults can choose between fish curry or kadala (black chickpeas or Kala chana) curry, but children are typically served puttu with only sugar.

5.Keralan Prawn Curry

If you like seafood, this simple but delicious dish is for you. One of the best foods to try in Munnar is this popular Keralan dish. In essence, it’s just a traditional prawn curry spiced up, drenched in coconut milk and jaggery, and garnished with curry leaves. In addition This dish’s prawns are marinated in a ginger sauce with shallots, curry leaves, and bird’s eye chilies. Then, to give the dish a creamy, delectable texture into which the prawns can dip. It is made with a paste of grated coconut, various spices, and coconut milk.

6.Spicy Chicken Fry

Munnar’s chicken fry is served on a banana leaf and tossed with a delectable concoction of onions, garlic, chilies, coriander, and vinegar. This Kerala-style chicken fried dish has an entirely crispy exterior and an entirely soft and moist interior. Also, The fried chicken in this dish is seasoned with a variety of hot ingredients that will transport your taste buds to culinary heaven. As you might expect, this recipe will immediately pique your taste buds and leave you wanting more. Here is a list of the best Munnar street foods to try with your family.

7.Kairali Thali

A traditional Kairali thali is served on a banana leaf and is designed specifically for vegetarians. Vegetable pachadi (salad), tender coconut payasam, mixed vegetable stir fry, mixed vegetable thoran, puli enji, rice with sambhar and rasam, and other delectable dishes are included. Additionally The Kairali thali included salad, coconut kheer, mixed vegetable stir fry, rice, sambhar, rasam, and other dishes. The local cuisine is prepared with pure coconut oil, and grated coconut shavings are used as a garnish.

8.Ari Pathri with Chicken Curry

Ari Pathri with Chicken Curry is one of the best dishes to try in Munnar. Taste the plain, soft texture of ari pathri, made with rice flour, paired perfectly with shredded chicken pieces in a hot curry to learn more about the regionally offered and adored cuisine!

There are delicious options for appams, idlis, and dosas, as well as beef and fish dishes served with sizzling parottas, on fast food booths positioned on the bustling streets of Munnar, a charming hill station in Kerala. You can book one of Superbmytrip‘s Munnar Tour Packages to explore the natural beauty of this stunning location while also sampling the mouth-watering Kerala delicacies.

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