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Nisha Beauty Salon – A Success Story of Karachi Beauty Salon

As everyone says that hard work pays off, Nisha’s story is exactly like that. Within 10 years, Nisha has successfully opened a second branch of Beauty salon in Karachi. Now the question is that how did it all start?

The Beginning

Nisha didn’t start off with a big bang or huge marketing, it all began with a one-seat salon in her drawing-room, a mirror, and the only thing that was in ample amount was the uprising talent and loads of hard work and dedication. Nisha was a dream of a woman, who was fearless, strong, confident, talented, and ambitious. The traits of this woman never stopped her, in fact, she gathered the courage to make this an opportunity for many other talented ladies as well.

The Qualifications

Doing makeup is truly an art, and it cannot be defined by people like us. Even though Nisha started with a small studio or parlor, but the small space never came in her way to achieve success. As said earlier that makeup is an art, and art is a talent, but Nisha went further with her talent. Beauty, She is a Certified Makeup Artist from London College of Makeup (Dubai) and a student of International trainer Anam Falak. Not only this, but her qualifications also include certifications from famous brands, such as L’oreal, Ardico, Schwarzkopf, Framesi, Revlon, etc.

The Struggle

Everyone struggles hard to reach their goal, and so did Nisha. Her success journey was not for a few months, but it took several years for that recognition, for that popularity. Success is always cherished and celebrated, but what should really be celebrated are the struggles. Beauty, No one ever knows that how many times she thought to quit, no one ever knows how many times she faced a terrible loss. A successful journey is always filled with sudden obstacles and ditches, but Nisha cleared them with avcılar escort confidence.

Beauty SalonFirst Launch

After several months from her initial opening, Nisha managed to launch her first branch in 2013 in K.A.E.C.H.S, Karachi. It was a full-service salon with 10 working staff. The launch was never easy for Nisha, the management increased, the staff increased, and the responsibility increased twice as much. This was the ambition of Nisha, which she achieved with tremendous efforts. Furthermore, Karachi is a dense city, with many salons, but Nisha still made her way to the front. Just as hair salon in Karachi, salons in Karachi also provide full service.

Women Empowerment

Women can’t run a business! or “Women should not be too independent!” Nisha blew these statements with a puff of air. She showed her devotion and her interest in her salon, and fearlessly went against society’s expected norms. She did make a brave move, but it doesn’t stop here. On her first launch, she hired 10 female staff for her parlor, this was to increase the awareness of women empowerment. She wanted to tell that women can work if given the right opportunity, and by continuing this chain, she still hires only female employees for her beauty parlors. This idea of Nisha has kept many women in ongoing jobs at her branches, and will do so in future as well.

Second Branch

Nisha’s success story does not end here, but it has many more milestones to achieve and make the women of the country proud. Currently, Nisha has opened a completely new chapter by opening a branch in Qurtaba Market, Karachi. This new branch will include ranges in distinct features in beauty treatment, and that will include haircuts, makeup, styling, manicure, pedicure, waxing, facials, and the list goes on.

Why go at Nisha?

If you want to experience a 5-star treatment at affordable rates, then Nisha is the best place. Friendly staff, great ambiance, mind-blowing services, and an unforgettable experience, will never let you leave dissatisfied.

In addition, Nisha was an idea of a woman, and it reflects the serenity and strength in her work, and this should be more popular and heard. In Pakistan, women are subjected to negative comments; Nisha can stop this negative stereotyping, so by appreciating the work, this could end. Be the voice that is to be heard, not to hear!

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