Punjabi Matrimonial Celebrations of Your Interest!

Fine wine, great food, pretty girls, etc are all you have heard of Punjabi matrimonial celebrations? Well, there is a lot more!

Be it Bollywood item numbers or Yashraj films iconic movies, Punjabi marriages are given complete coverage to attract the audience’s attention. Their Weddings are known for their grandeur and pompousness. Punjabi matrimonial celebrations are famous worldwide and many other folks are now adapting to their ways and rituals in their traditions as well.

There is never a dull moment in these ceremonies and various people are curious to know more about them. Many other cultures are now also adapting to their ways. Keep reading to find out more!

Roka and Thaka

When the two parties finally agree to go for a marital alliance. The Punjabi bride’s family takes sweets, clothes, jewelry, etc for the groom and his family to his home and gives it as a Shagun to him. This tradition is known as Roka in Punjabi families. The main idea of the custom is that the groom is now reserved for his bride and he cannot marry anyone else. 

However, in Thaka, the groom’s family reciprocates the same gesture to the Punjabi bride and her family. They shower her with gifts, jewelry, and a lot of blessings for their upcoming marital life. But this tradition is usually performed among the families and with their very close beylikdüzü escort ones.

Chunni Ceremony

Chunni Chadhaai takes place on the morning of an engagement or a day before. Various ladies from the groom’s family visit the bride’s place and offer her various gifts along with her bridal wear for marriage. The Punjabi bride also receives the family heirloom like Kangan, necklace, etc which is specifically given by her mother-in-law. She also helps the bride wear these things and puts a small henna dot on her hand as a beginning of the auspicious ceremony. 

The main attraction of this ceremony is where the ladies put a grand chunni on the bride’s head and lower her veil with it. The chunni is usually red or pink in color.


The Very famous ring ceremony is originally inspired by Punjabi matrimonial celebrations. It is now adopted by various other castes and people and performed before marriage. In this custom, the groom’s family feed ‘Doodh-Bhaat’ to the bride, and then the rings are exchanged between the two parties for final commitment. Most of the relatives and neighbors are present from both families in Sagai/Mangani.


Originally Sangeet was organized by the Punjabi bride’s family. Their female relatives and neighbors are invited to sing authentic wedding songs. They do a fun event where everyone sings, dances, and talks along with music in the background. Some ladies from the groom’s family are also called sometimes. 

However, Sangeet is not limited to a small and lowkey event these days. It has turned into huge celebrations before the Punjabi matrimonial alliance. People from both families including males and females are invited to the event and perform a Bollywood item number or a song of their choice. They do both solo and couple dancing in the event.


Mehendi is one of the most imperative traditions of Punjabi matrimonial celebrations. On this day, the henna is sent by the groom’s family to the bride’s place for her. The bride is made to sit on a stool or table. And the henna is applied to both her hands and feet entirely. The intricate and difficult Mehendi designs are drawn on her leg and hands by the Mehendi specialists. The groom’s name is also written there which the groom has to search later as a ritual. 

Later, all the other ladies from the Punjabi bride’s family apply the henna along with the traditional songs sung by them. The ladies from the groom’s family also apply henna but the celebrations happen on a smaller scale.


Finally, D-day comes after Mehendi, and the Punjabi bride and groom get ready with all the Shagun and gifts they received from the in-laws. However, there is a number of other rituals which are performed before the final marriage!

Some of them are Jago, Ghana Bandhan, Chooda Chadhana, Haldi, Ghara Gharoli, Sarbala, Sehrabandhi, Varna, Ghodi Chadhana, Varmala,  etc. 

So, these are some of the interesting rituals and customs in Punjabi matrimonial celebrations. Punjabis are famous for their big fat Indian wedding with shimmery clothes, tasty food, rich culture, and a lot of fun!

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