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Rajat Khare Founder of Boundary Holding – Artificial Intelligence company in Luxembourg

Rajat Khare Luxembourg

Boundary Holding, a private investment company with its headquarters in Luxembourg, was founded by Rajat Khare. Rajat has also been used as a case study in the Entrepreneurship course taught by Professor Patrick Turner at the INSEAD Business School due to his success as an Ed-Tech entrepreneur. He founded a chain of high-tech training facilities that educated more than 128,000 students and had more than 110 locations both domestically and abroad. Before starting Boundary Holding, he made investments and helped a financially troubled data analytics firm in Asia become a prosperous AI business.

He is a graduate of IIT Delhi and is well-known for co-writing “Make The Move – Demystifying Entrepreneurship” and several other books. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the Indian President at the time, expressed appreciation for his efforts to encourage entrepreneurship in India in 2006 at the President’s residence.

By making investments and actively assisting entrepreneurs and digital firms all across the world. Mr. Khare hopes to catalyze the fourth industrial revolution.

Rajat Khare Investor in Boundary Holding

Boundary Holding has made investments in Cerbair and Internet, two French deep tech businesses that offer cutting-edge UAS solutions. While the latter has created a low landing system (Lolas) that offers precision landing to rotatory wings on mobile and stationary targets. Even in a tough environment, the former is based on radio frequency and optical technologies that give Counter-UAS solutions.

Rajat Khare Education

Entrepreneurship course at the INSEAD Business School, Rajat Khare’s entrepreneurial effort has been used as a case study. He has also served as a role model for young businesspeople by supporting and encouraging a number of companies with great potential.

Rajat Khare Book

Rajat Khare has co-authored the book “Make the Move” for entrepreneurs who want to be entrepreneurs or even existing businesspeople. He is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and motivator. The book also offers a thorough look at important aspects of entrepreneurship, such as marketing and financial management.

The book encourages business owners to pursue success and not stray from it because of difficulties. Additionally, it encourages young competitors to absorb industry “know-how” through firsthand experience.

In the past two years, Boundary Holding has made investments in a variety of businesses, including the face recognition company XRVision in Singapore. The drone solution provider Asteria Aerospace, the startup Cerbair in France, and others.

Rajat Khare enjoys skiing, has traveled extensively, and practices yoga and Vipassana often. He also has a Facebook page dedicated to yoga where he emphasizes the value of the practice. Helping him make better decisions and be more satisfied in both his personal and professional life.

Future developments in a variety of areas, most notably security and surveillance.

The technology is extremely precise and has a broad range of applications, making it one of the most promising investment sectors. Along with predictive video analytics, facial recognition technology is bringing about significant change in the surveillance and damage control industries. Nevertheless, XRVision’s efforts to develop video analytics demonstrate tremendous growth potential, which has drawn funding for the firm.

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