Reasons to Buy Handmade Wholesale Jewelry Online

Reasons to Buy Handmade Wholesale Jewelry Online

Why should you purchase handcrafted jewelry online from wholesale jewelry suppliers rather than visiting a local jewelry store where you can handle, feel, and try the jewelry? Although it may seem like a no-brainer, we urge you to give your online jeweler a chance. You might be pleasantly surprised by the distinctive handcrafted jewelry designs, constant excellent quality, and lower prices you’ll discover at online jewelry retailers.

How to save more by purchasing handcrafted jewelry from wholesale jewelry suppliers online?

When you purchase jewelry from wholesale jewelry suppliers online, you pay for the jewelry and a tiny portion of their administrative expenses. The overhead of an internet jewelry designer is substantially lower than that of a local clothing store. Your online jewelry shop must cover the costs of its website storefront, promotional expenses, and jewelry-making supplies.

Most online jewelers operate from their homes, using their utilities without having to pay for studio or storefront space. It is true that when an online jewelry company expands, more space will be required, but studio versus storefront space has quite different rental costs. Rent for a storefront might cost hundreds of dollars each month.

Is it a value-for-money deal?

A neighborhood jewelry retailer with a storefront must pay rent for their property, which is typically the most expensive of their overhead expenditures, as well as employee salaries, advertising expenses, license fees, utility bills, wholesale goods, and a variety of other costs. In addition to these overhead expenses, many people handle the product before it gets to the merchant. A retailer shows the goods for sale to you, the customer after the producer has sold them to a wholesaler, who then sells them to the retailer. The prices are frequently doubled at every stage, beginning with the manufacturer.

As for your savings, you get the best value when you purchase jewelry from an online jewelry merchant because you are technically buying directly from the manufacturer, also known as the designer. You’ll discover that the quality of the materials and assembly is unaffected, and the price you pay for your jewelry is far more in line with the actual cost of producing it. Yes, your online jewelry merchant is profitable because that is what they do for a living.

Big Business versus Small Business

A modest online wholesale jewelry suppliers store will give you the individualized service you need and want as a consumer. When you place an order, you may frequently hear directly from the designer, which means you won’t feel like a name among many others. In addition, a small internet firm can provide excellent customer service, leading to increased client satisfaction, unlike a significant company or department store. You want the individualized service that a small business can give you when purchasing one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry to add to your collection.

Additionally, you may learn more about the history of the jewelry designer or the precise process used to create each piece, which gives your purchase more personality and higher perceived worth. Online jewelers frequently provide custom orders as a service. Send them an email if their website doesn’t indicate that they accept custom orders. They may have something to offer you that will pleasantly surprise you.

Online Shopping Tips

The best location to purchase one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry is straight from the jewelry designer. You will discover the quality and value you seek along with a genuine, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry for your collection. Here are some recommendations when purchasing jewelry from an internet jeweler.

Check their return policy before ordering

if you can’t return the jewelry, you might not want to. Many return policies include limitations, such as returning the jewelry in its original packaging or maintaining all tags on the jewelry. These regulations protect the jeweler from clients who buy jewelry for a special occasion only to return it after the event has passed. This return policy is reasonable given that most online jewelers are businesses selling their jewelry rather than lending it out.

Have your package insured by the designer

It could cost you more to transport your package. However, it’s worth it to have the assurance that it will reach you securely. You can also consider that it is quickly replaceable. Just mention insurance in the checkout special instructions or remarks. You may want to be aware of the additional insurance cost before your credit card is charged. In that case, you may let the suppliers know about it. Your order may be subject to an additional fee for insurance.

Never email someone your credit card number

Use the online retailer’s checkout process whenever possible. Moreover, you can make sure your browser window has enough security. By doing this, you can be sure that your data delivery may occur over a secure server. This padlock may only appear during checkout and not on all website pages. It is okay; the pages where you submit sensitive data are important. Most e-commerce websites have further details about their payment and privacy policies. You ought to have access to this knowledge. Request that information or look elsewhere if you can’t locate it.

Print out any guarantees you find on the company’s website

Changes may occur to any return procedures, warranties, and contracts. The online shop should abide by the written return policy, contracts, and guarantees if you print them out before you make your purchase.


Always remember that you should be able to contact an e-commerce website with any questions you may have. You should avoid dealing with someone if you don’t get in touch with them. Reputable online wholesale jewelry suppliers should make themselves accessible to their clients. You should always be able to email the designer or an associate. That is because many internet stores don’t want to take phone calls because their phones would ring nonstop.

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