Root Causes and Solutions for the Intuit Data Protect Backup Failed Issue

The Intuit data protect feature helps you to back up your essential business information online on secured Intuit servers. The IDP service ensures the utmost security of your important financial data and prevents permanent loss or disruption of data. But sometimes, the data protect service is unable to back up the data properly. There can be various possible reasons why the Intuit data protect backup failed issue occurs. If your IDP failed to take backup, you need to perform the solutions provided in this blog to rectify the problem. In this article, we are going to provide you with the reasons and solutions to fix this QuickBooks issue effectively.

You can reach out to us at 1-855-856-0042 and get assistance from our support team if you are unable to resolve the issue on your own.

Why Am I Unable to Backup Data with IDP Tool?

The data protect unsuccessful backup issue can be caused due to the following factors –

  1. The company file you are trying to access is already opened on another workstation.
  2. The search programs and files option of Windows Desktop is not working.
  3. Your Intuit login credentials are incorrect, and you need to enter the correct details.
  4. If your operating system uses incorrect files, it can cause the backup to fail.

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What to Do When You are Unable to Backup Data with IDP?

To resolve the Intuit data protect failed issue, use the solutions provided below –

Solution 1. Update IDP and Upgrade your QuickBooks to the Most Recent Version

The IDP failed to take take backup can be fixed by upgrading your IDP and QuickBooks.

  1. Open QuickBooks and from the QuickBooks Help menu, select the Update QuickBooks Desktop tool to upgrade your QuickBooks.
  2. Now, from the Update Now tab, find the Data Protect option and select it to upgrade IDP.

Solution 2. Remove Windows Firewall Restrictions from the IDP Files

The Intuit data protect stopped working issue can be fixed by removing the firewall restrictions.

  1. Navigate to the Searchbox from the Windows Start menu to search for Firewall.
  2. Select the Allow app through Windows Firewalland then click on the Allow another App
  3. Browse for exeand hit Open to select the IDP service.
  4. Click on Network Typesand mark the Private checkbox to add the IDP service to the exclusion list.
  5. Browse for the exeand IntuitDataProtect.exe files and select them to remove restrictions.

Solution 3. Run a Quick Diagnosis of the Intuit Data Protect Service

Lastly, utilize the Intuit Data Protect Diagnostic Tool to fix the IDP service.

  1. From the Windows System Tray, right-click on the IDPicon and select the About
  2. Press Ctrl + F2and launch the IDP Diagnostic Tool to run a quick diagnosis.
  3. If the tool detects issues, reconfigure the software and allow access to the IDP files.


The Intuit data protect backup failed issue can be resolved with the help of the solutions provided in this blog. If the issue still exists, you can reach out to us at 1-855-856-0042 and get assistance from our team of experts.

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