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SAS vs SATA: Every Difference That You’re Looking For

SAS vs SATA are two technologies computers use to transfer data from the CPU to the storage device, as well as vice versa. Despite doing roughly the same thing, each technology is built with different hardware.

A SAS-based system is generally more expensive, and it is more appropriate for servers and processing-intensive workstations.

Compared to SAS, SATA is less expensive, making it more suitable for desktop storage.

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Introduction of SATA

“Serial advanced technology attachment” is the abbreviation for “serial advanced technology attachment.” In the days of parallel communication, advanced technology attachment (ATA) was the earlier kind of technology. SATA takes its place.

SATA is implemented in 2 areas:

  • A SATA cable
  • SATA connectors, to which the cable hooks up

SATA connections are found on compatible motherboards and hard drives. It’s important to remember that SATA isn’t a storage disc in and of itself. Storage drives, on the other hand, may be manufactured using SATA connections.

The SATA interface is built with:

  • 2 conductors for sending data
  • 2 conductors for retrieving data
  • Ground cables in between the conductors for preventing the interference

It also comes with a power cable for the internal storage drive.

Introduction of SAS

“Serial Attached SCSI” is the abbreviation for “serial attached SCSI.” The acronym SCSI (short for “small computer systems interface”) stands for “small computer systems interface.” SAS has superseded SCSI, which was the previous parallel technology.

SAS has a similar build to that of SATA:

  • 2 conductors for sending data
  • 2 conductors for receiving data
  • Ground cables in between the conductors for reducing the interference

SAS vs SATA: The Essential Differences

There are so many differences between SAS vs SATA and some of them that are essential ones are the following which are shown below:

  1. Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, or SATA, is the computer bus interface of next-generation, replacing ATA’s parallel interface. Serial Attached SCSI, or SAS, is a quicker but traditionally more costly interface.
  2. SAS is for high-end server gear, whereas SATA is for common usage.
  3. SATA is significantly less expensive than SAS.
  4. SAS utilizes SCSI commands, whereas SATA uses ATA commands.
  5. SAS has two ports, but SATA only has one. As a result, SAS can do multi-path I/O without the need for extra hardware. Furthermore, SAS may scale performance by using both ports.
  6. SATA sends data in half-duplex mode, whereas SAS may do so in full-duplex mode. As a result, SAS allows each port to read and write data simultaneously, but SATA does not.
  7. SAS employs SCSI instructions for error recovery and reporting, which provide more capability than SATA’s ATA commands.

Why SATA Is Better For Storage?

If keeping files is important to you, you should invest in a computer or an external hard drive with SATA data transmission ports. Here’s why SATA is the greatest storage option for PCs.

Read/write speed

When data is being transmitted into the storage disc, SATA performs best. When it transmits data out of the storage device, it does so at a slower rate.

As a result, if you’re storing information that you won’t require on a frequent basis, SATA is an excellent technology to have in your computer. If you want to store a lot of data on your PC or an external drive, look for a PC or drive that uses SATA components.

Storage capacity

SATA has a big storage capacity, which is another reason it’s a wonderful component for your computer or external drive.


Because SATA hardware is less complicated than SAS technology, it is less costly. As a result, PCs and external devices that use SATA technology are often less costly.

Conclusion: SAS vs SATA

In this blog, we have discussed about the essential differences between the SAS vs SATA. And we hope that you have got a clear idea about it after reading this blog.

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