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Selection Guide for Choosing Paint for School Building Renovations

When it comes to choosing the best paint for building renovations, certain types of paint as well as color options matter more than most people understand. This is especially true when it comes to selecting the best paint for school building renovations. In this article, we will be going over the three different types of paint as well as the health impact of certain paints and finally to selecting the best painting services for school renovations.

What are the three different types of paint?

Yes, there are three different types of paint and each one is unique in its own way. When it comes to painting services for schools professionals can assist. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and dive into the facts of these three unique paints.

Lead-based paint

Generally, lead-based paint is thicker than non-leaded paint, which is why it tends to crack in a distinct way. More specifically, the cracks often have a pattern similar to alligator skin. It is recommended to safely remove lead paint and replace it with latex or oil-based paint for children under six years of age. Therefore, it may be best to avoid using lead-based paint in a school building.

 Latex paint

For school buildings, latex paint gives off the least amount of volatile organic compounds, making it the most safe and healthy choice. In addition to the lower durability, latex paint is also less cost-effective than oil paint. When working with oil-based paints, it is important to also keep in mind that latex paint cannot be applied on top of oil-based paint, since the latex will not stick to the oil.

Oil-based paint

Among the three, oil paint is the most durable, but it also takes longer to dry and requires more paint thinner for cleaning. Paint like this is ideal for window trim, window panes, and other highly trafficked areas.

How does paint impact our health?

So, now that we have a better understanding of the three different types of paint, it is also important to learn how each one of these can affect our health, especially the health of younger children. One major point to keep in mind is the fact that paints can cause irritation if they get onto your skin. Oil-based paints, in particular, can also be potentially harmful when swallowed. Additionally, the fumes from these types of paints can irritate your eyes, nose, or throat. Irritation should go away when you go out into fresh air.

What paint is best for school buildings and why?

A major advantage of water-based latex paint over an oil-based paint is its health impact. When oil paints are used while school is in session, not only are more volatile compounds released into the air, but they take longer to dry, which increases the chances of students and teachers falling sick. However, it is not only the type of paint that is used that will make a great impact on everyone inside of the school building, but also the color of paint selected. Color theory is an important factor to keep in mind when seeking out school painting services. What are the best colors to use? A painting contractor for schools can assist with this.

  • Red: helps improve performance as well as concentration, spurs action, and even helps provoke conversations
  • Orange: an uplifting color which also helps stimulate critical thinking and memorization
  • Yellow: this color is most known for its ability to help release serotonin for a happier mood. Yellow also promotes awareness and is a great color to use inside of a classroom
  • Green: this color can help bring a calming effect into a room. In addition to this, it is also a common stress relieving color and helps promote concentration.
  • Blue: this is often the most common color used inside of a school building, Blue is often used due to the fact that this color promotes tranquility as well as enhances creativity and even improves overall health, memory and moods. This is also why blue is commonly used inside of hospital buildings as well.
  • White: white is the most hygienic and often conveys simplicity, purity and clarity.

Selecting the right commercial painting company

Offering solid and broad artistic creation administrations, Industry Painting can help with any structure size. Regardless of whether a school has stripping paint or an obsolete blur, experts at Interior Painting can happily help. Skilled workers at Industry Painting will happily help to decide the best answers for schools and the best planning of administrations. Regardless of whether administrations are required throughout the late spring or school year, Industry Painting has it taken care of, particularly in critical circumstances. Industry Painting endeavors to give cordial school painting administrations that take into account the necessities of the instructive office. Why permit a structure to disappear in its appearance. For more information about painting administrations for schools, contact Industry Painting today.

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