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Signs That You Need Air Conditioner (AC) Repair

Systematic and high-quality cleaning of climatic equipment is a guarantee of a healthy microclimate in your home, a guarantee of long and trouble-free operation. Due to the complexity of modern split systems, this work should be performed only by true masters of their craft. Ac repair and services have experience in servicing air conditioners of different manufacturers, models and designs. That kind of service also has AC repair and installation and AC duct cleaning.

Due to the accumulation of dirt on the fan blades of the indoor and outdoor units, the operation of the air conditioner is slowed down, which restricts the flow of air into the room. Untimely cleaning will cause more serious malfunctions, which in turn will lead to a shutdown of the climate system and require expensive repairs or a complete replacement of the air conditioner. Prophylaxis done on time will eliminate such troubles and avoid significant costs.

Maintenance and repair of air conditioners

Split system cleaning is a complex process that includes several sequential stages:

  • cleaning contamination of the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit, if necessary – high-pressure apparatuses;
  • disinfecting treatment of the indoor unit evaporator;
  • cleaning the case, impeller and fan of the indoor unit;
  • removal of dirt from the drainage and filtration systems;
  • equipment diagnostics – identification and elimination of hidden faults

We can say that artificial microclimate systems. One of which are air conditioning units, are used more and more every day. However, despite all the reliability of such climatic technology, these systems cannot ensure long-term, reliable and safe operation without regular and timely maintenance of air conditioners and ventilation.

Of course, the main direction of our activity is the creation of artificial microclimate systems. But we also understand that even a household air conditioner will not be able to work for a long time if the regular cleaning of the air conditioning system and periodic refueling are not ensured.

Cleaning of air conditioners.

A lot of dust accumulates after a winter shutdown in air conditioning systems. It is very important to remove it before the first launch. Air conditioners should be cleaned periodically during active operation. Passing air through the filters, harmful substances and dirt enter the indoor unit, which leads to overheating of the system or its malfunction.

Now, after what I saw, I think you understand the signs and reasons why and when to repair the air conditioner. And why the blocks need to be serviced, primarily for your health. The second reason is not unimportant. This is that if the outdoor unit is heavily soiled, the compressor may burn out due to overloads. The cost of a new compressor of any air conditioner is equal to 80% of the entire system, waiting for the compressor time from 2-3 months plus work on their replacement, the result is a new air conditioner. I don’t think it’s worth getting to that point. Be sure to order a comprehensive service. With this service, you will be provided with the entire range of necessary work with the system.

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