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Step by Step Technique for Developing Grocery Delivery App

Grocery Delivery App Development

Today’s Gen-Z has its dependency based on fast services, starting from getting quick rides, to quick meals. And it comes as no surprise thus, apps such as the on demand grocery delivery app are slowly also gaining a lot of popularity. The fame of on demand grocery apps has grown manifold due to assistance to customers in getting quick household item delivery.

Therefore, the scope of having a grocery delivery business has grown manifold. Especially after the pandemic, it has become clear that starting the venture will certainly change the tides for how the setup operates.

Hence, if you are planning to give your traditional supermarket set up a competitive edge with the solution, read this article. After you have completed reading it, when you plan to build the solution for revolutionizing your grocery delivery setup, you will be able to perform this task with the utmost ease and convenience.

Statistics Depicting Profitable Nature of Grocery Delivery Business 

1. The global online grocery market will witness revenues becoming $2158.3 billion by 2030
2. The global last-mile food and grocery delivery market is predicted to generate profits of $72.3 billion by 2025
3. The size of the global online grocery market will be $203290 million by 2027

Through these attractive numbers, it becomes clear that the time is right to digitize your grocery delivery set up with an app. In other words, after the pandemic in the current year 2022, building the app for your grocery delivery setup will certainly give it a competitive edge.

In the lines below, we discuss the steps whose adherence will ensure the app you build helps you get maximum returns, revenues, and users.

How to Develop Grocery Delivery App? Steps to Follow


Focus on Business Development Phase

This is the first extremely crucial phase that you need to place your focus upon when you are building the on demand grocery app.

This demands identifying the overall market scope of the app and the risks associated with the development. With an understanding of this area- you are then ready to enter into the discovery phase or Step 2.

Gather Information on How App Operations Will Take Place

This is the next crucial step you will have to follow when you build the grocery delivery app. This requires you to find a reputed grocery app development company upon conducting extremely strong research. This will ascertain that you get intensive support along lines such as the feasibility of developing the app, the features whose inclusion will enhance app quality, and so on.

Check Tech Stack for Robust App Development

When you are creating an app to digitize your grocery delivery setup, you want to make sure that the end-solution works in a robust way. Hence, you need to harness the use of the appropriate tech stack.

Therefore, you must know the same.

Here are some technology stacks that promise to come in handy for you when you build the on demand grocery delivery app.

  • Swift for iOS/ Flutter / React Native
  • Java for Android/ Flutter / React Native
  • Node.JS/Express.JS for Backend & API
  • React.JS for Front-end
  • MongoDB for Database
  • AWS for Server
  • PayPal, Braintree, EWallets, Stripe for Payments
  • Twilio for Push Notifications

With the use of these technology stacks, you can be assured of achieving two aspects successfully –

• Scalability
• Future-readiness

Hence, when you are building the solution, make sure you use the appropriate tech stack so that functioning remains robust always.

Know App Operations

When you know how to develop the grocery delivery app, you must have an idea of app operations as well. This will ensure that you know the features that would streamline this area seamlessly.

In the lines below, we discuss how the app works.

  1. Enter the app and add location details
  2. Get a list of grocery stores nearby
  3. Choose from the list, one matching your needs
  4. Select items you need
  5. Place order upon making payment

With all these steps followed, the request now is sent to the store which then assigns the task to the delivery driver. The driver then reaches the store, picks orders up, and provides delivery. During the process, both, the customer and driver can track each other, with the former particularly getting knowledge of the expected time of arrival of the items.

Hence, when you are entering into the task of app development for grocery delivery services, have an idea of app operations.

Assess Features that Streamlines Grocery Delivery Services on App


A very important step that will make your grocery delivery app development journey a seamless one, it is necessary to assess the features whose inclusion will streamline the way grocery delivery services take place.

Before we provide you with the list though, you need to know that there are three main segments in the app- customer, delivery driver, grocery store, and your business.

Hence, when you are building the solution, you need to have unique features in each of their apps.

Some that you can particularly include-

  • For Customer
  1. Search Groceries
  2. Add to Cart
  3. Schedule Order
  4. Order History
  5. Reviews and Rating
  • For Delivery Driver
  1. Order Management
  2. Update Delivery Status
  3. Real-Time Location Tracking
  4. In-App Chats and Calls
  5. Accept or Reject Delivery Requests
  • Admin Panel (For Stores and Grocery Delivery Business)
  1. Order Management
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Payment Management
  4. Customer Support
  5. Reports and Analytics

With all these features present in the individual apps of the customer and the delivery driver and the admin panel of the grocery store and the grocery delivery business, you can be sure the app will work robustly and allow the segments to perform their different operations on their apps seamlessly.

Now that you are aware of the steps whose adherence will allow you to develop a grocery delivery app that functions robustly, it is important to have an idea of the next aspect – the cost.

It consumes enormous time and finances for a startup to build an app from scratch. Therefore, it becomes necessary you focus on the finance aspect. In other words, the venture must spend a sufficient amount on app development without compromising quality.
Therefore, this requires assessment.

Here’s giving you an estimated budget for the task of on-demand grocery delivery app development. Take a peek at it before you embark on this journey.

Estimated Budget to Build On Demand Grocery Delivery App

When you embark on the journey to build the on demand grocery delivery app for your setup, the budget you need to allocate will be between $12,000 to $20,000.

However, this may vary based on areas such as the ones listed below.

Areas Affecting Cost for On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Development

  • Based on team type- in-house, a local agency, freelancers, or outsourced.
  • Based on location
  • Based on app type – brand grocery, personal shoppers (Instacart, Amazon Fresh), on-demand grocery (UberEats, Dumpling), and subscription-based.

Now that you have an idea of the steps, features, and cost for grocery app development, it becomes clear, that the solution has a good scope for the supermarkets indeed. It will assist it in boosting its visibility, ensure maximum customers get knowledge of services they provide, and last, on visibility, they gain more visits. It also needs to be added here when you develop this solution- you get benefits such as.

Benefits Associated with Grocery Delivery App Development

  1. Enhance grocery shopping experiences for customers
  2. Store preferences of customers so they can provide services that are in sync with preferences
  3. Raise revenue potential for retailers

Wrapping Up

Reading this, you can understand the grocery delivery app has scope to help the grocery business build a robust base. Hence, if in the pursuit to digitize your setup, do so now. Become part of the $203290 million profitable market with this solution. Find a grocery delivery app development company that will ease this for you by giving you a customizable, ready-to-launch app that ensures scalability, returns, and maximum visitors.

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