Styling An Italian Poncho Rightly Can Make It Your Favourite Winter Outfit

Italian Ponchos are a stylish and fun Fall/Winter outfit and a great styling accessory. Pulling it off may get a little tricky because it has no fixed shape and is kinda wide. But it looks so look if styled rightly.

Here are some styling tips that will be helpful to style this Italian knitwear!

Italian poncho with bell-bottomed or wide-legged pants

Ponchos look oh so stunning with wide-legged denim pants with big chunky necklaces. The 1970s’ popular fashion is so back in trend. You can complete your look with a stylish hat and bold lips.

Plus-size ponchos are a stunning match with long-sleeved turtle neck sweaters

If you are wearing a solid plus-size cashmere Poncho UK, you can pair it with a printed, full-sleeved turtle neck sweater/tee. A Striped or printed sweater or tee will be a good pair with these ponchos.

But, if you go for a printed poncho, do not go for anything printed underneath. Look for a colour that is present in the print, you can choose a tee in that colour. If not, black, and white are always there to help you out.

Carry oversized handbags and over the knee boots

When donning Italian plus-size ponchos, your leather or suede over-the-knee boots can be worn during winters. Do remember to carry a pair of oversized retro sunglasses. Just make sure that you maintain a balance with all the oversized outfits/accessories. You can wear a big, junky neckpiece with your outfit.

cashmere poncho uk

Poncho and denim shirts: A deadly combination

Ponchos are snugly and give a very cosy vibe. When worn with a pair of fitted leather pants and a denim shirt this is a great choice to kill the chill.

Poncho on a sweater

Suppose you are going camping or just chilling with your friends, and obviously, it is so cold outside, only a poncho won’t be a right fit. Wear a sweater underneath and you are good to go. A cowl neck sweater would be a good choice when worn underneath the poncho.

Style a scarf with a poncho

During winter, thick scarves are so much comfortable. We usually wear it with casuals but can be paired it cashmere ponchos UK.

Poncho over a collared shirt

Aren’t collared shirts supposed to be formal/semi-formal attire? Make them a cool and comfortable office look. Stick to stripes or solid colours when wearing to offices.

cashmere poncho

Poncho with leggings and peep-toes

For the Winter parties, pair your parties with a thick pair of woollen leggings and peep-toe shoes. If it is too cold, you can wear a woollen scarf or a cowl neck or high neck sweater with this.

Poncho and skinnies

Since the poncho is wide, most find it easy to pair something skinny with this. Slim-fit trousers, jeggings, skinny jeans or a pair of leggings. Wearing something streamlined is always preferred with something as billowy as a plus-size poncho. This will balance your overall look. You can wear a pair of faux fur, knee-length or ankle-length boots.

Poncho and ripped jeans

With your solid-coloured collared poncho (doesn’t matter if you don’t have one), you can easily wear your favourite pair of distressed jeans.

Leggings and Poncho

If you have a long-ish poncho, and ends near or below your hip, pair it with leggings and ankle boots, or maybe knee-high socks and riding boots. Go for the woollen knee-high socks when the temperature is too low.

italian clothing

Finally, Poncho with a waist belt

If you are lean, and you feel that the ponchos are too wide and look ill-fitted for you, wear a wide waist belt to accentuate your waist.

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Hello, I am Phil Anderson, a Digital Content Writer, writing on behalf of Belle Love Clothing. Belle Love Clothing is UK's leading Italian clothing online store for women.

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