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Summertime Tips for Your Top Drawer, Including High Waist Panties

When the heat of summer takes hold, you want all of your clothing to feel light and airy against your skin, and it all starts with your base layers. Nobody likes clothes that feel sticky and sweaty, so why settle for stuffy, frilly bras and panties? Take a look into your top drawers of intimates and see if they’re as ready as you are for summer—they might not be. Underwear and bras are an essential part of your summer wardrobe, and you want to be ready and comfortable. From high waist panties to microfiber bras, here are a few tips for choosing intimate wear perfect for the warm summer months.

Focus on Fabric: Lightweight and Breathable

Certain materials may feel lighter and more breathable than others. Some excellent options for summer include sheer power mesh and microfiber, for example. Sheer power mesh is an airy, performance-strength fabric that doesn’t sacrifice support, especially if it’s made with four-way stretch. It also has a sensual feel to give you that freeing, unlined look.

Microfiber is a buttery soft material. It provides a touch more coverage than power mesh without losing your unlined freedom. Spacer fabric is another excellent option for helping keep your skin cooler. There are plenty of other options as well, but you can’t go wrong with any of these three this summer.

Do Away with Excess: No Foam or Padding

If you’ve never tried wearing a non-padded bra all day, you may be pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it is. Padding or foam can be kind of bulky, something you don’t want to deal with in the summer. That extra layer may also make you feel sweatier and hotter than you’d like. Try wearing supportive unlined styles this summer instead.

If you’re worried about getting enough support without padding or foam, choose unlined bras made with a thin, flexible underwire. You can get the support and comfort you need in your bras without excess materials. After trying one of these bras, you’ll probably wonder how you lived without them before.

Go Nude: Bras and High Waist Panties

For summer, we are often drawn to wearing light-colored outfits. So, a nude (or taupe) bra is an essential because it tends to vanish under white clothes or other light, summery colors. You can find bras that are reminiscent of T-shirt bras that are perfect for everyday wear (minus the padding and foam). You have options! As for underwear, a taupe thong is the perfect choice when you don’t want anyone to see panty lines. Taupe high waist panties under a dress are another excellent option for keeping you covered and secure.

Get in the Mood: Bold and Bright

While you need a core collection of neutral colors that work with various outfits, it’s also fun to show off some color. Bright and bold colors lift your spirits and get you in the mood to enjoy summer and sunshine. Choose a seasonal color like a light rose, which has a feminine vibe to it, or a rich green, to make you feel vibrant.

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