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The Best 37mm Artificial Grass For Your Garden

Choosing the right type of grass for your garden is a difficult decision. Whether you want a lawn that looks natural, or a patio or terrance that is full of colour, there are a number of different choices. If you want a lawn that will look great year-round, we recommend the Deluxe 37mm Artificial Grass. It is extremely durable and offers a wow effect underfoot.

The luxury artificial grass is a great choice for any garden, and the Padstow 37mm version has a lush, natural look. You won’t need to worry about mowing or watering your lawn. Plus, this type of artificial grass has a 35mm pile length, making it easy to keep clean without the need for chemicals. It is perfect for garden areas with children, as well as roof terraces.

Thickness of 37mm artificial grass

A 37mm-thick artificial grass is perfect for garden areas and exhibition stands. It features soft blades and cushioned base fibres. It is also a great option for rooftop terraces and outdoor patios. Its high density weave and low maintenance make it a perfect choice for commercial spaces. This product has an 8-year warranty and is easy to clean. If you need to replace your lawn, the Padstow 37mm is an excellent choice.

37mm Artificial Grass

The Deluxe 37mm artificial grass is a quality, high-pile option that offers a natural look. Its shorter pile length makes it ideal for garden areas, but it is slightly greener than Deluxe 42mm. The textured, stain-free fibres make it an ideal choice for garden areas. Compared to other types of synthetic grass, it is easy to maintain and will not need to be replaced often.

Birch 37mm luxury Artificial Grass

The 37mm luxury Artificial Grass is an excellent option for any garden. The luxurious pile height is perfect for a lush, natural-looking appearance. Unlike other types of artificial grass, it won’t need to be watered or mowed. It can even be used in places with children and can be installed over concrete and decking. Its low-pile length is an important factor when choosing the right one for your garden.

37mm Artificial Grass

Birch 37mm luxury artificial grass offers a realistic appearance. Its natural-looking look is very realistic, and it does not require mowing or watering. Because of the low-pile length, it is ideal for commercial settings, including offices and retail displays. Because it is low-maintenance, this artificial grass won’t wear out as quickly as natural grass. And its soft, plush look will make it the perfect choice for any garden.

Unlike real grass, artificial grass is easy to maintain and requires minimal care. Unlike real grass, it is long-lasting and is resistant to wear and tear. Because it’s so durable, it can last for many years. Moreover, it’s lightweight, so it can be easily installed. Besides, it’s easy to clean, which means that it’s an excellent choice for a busy household.

Padstow 37mm artificial grass

Padstow 37mm artificial grass has a super-soft weave and generous pile height. Its low-care backing and woven-in holes allow for easy maintenance. Its high-quality construction makes it suitable for gardens, roof terraces, and exhibitions. And its textured appearance makes it ideal for children and pets. This type of artificial grass is also easy to install. It’s lightweight, and you can easily clean it with water.

37mm Artificial Grass

The Deluxe 37mm Artificial Grass is another excellent option for a lawn. It is slightly greener than the Deluxe 42mm and has a 0.30 gr/m2 thicker pile. It’s a great choice for people who want a lawn that looks neat and tidy all year long. This grass is UV resistant and contains stain-free fibres. It is a great choice for busy families.


Choosing the right luxury artificial grass for your garden can be a difficult decision. It’s important to choose a product that meets your needs. Its durability, pet-friendly, and child-safe makes it an ideal choice for your garden. Moreover, it can add a touch of luxury to your home. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which type of artificial grass will work best for your home.

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