The Many Uses of Rigid Boxes

If you’re a manufacturer of products, you probably have carried out searches on multiple occasions for a suitable packaging company like The Legacy Printing to make packaging for your products. One of the packaging materials you must have heard about is rigid cardstock used to make rigid boxes as packaging. Rigid box packaging is used for a variety of products which we will explain in detail below.

Luxury Custom Rigid Boxes for Valuables

The rugged and relatively durable nature of rigid cardstock makes it ideal for packaging valuable items such as jewelry and small trinkets. It is a given that expensive products have packaging that complements them. Unlike other packaging materials that can be unassembled, custom rigid boxes retain their shape and cannot be unassembled; this is one reason why it is so expensive. If correctly decorated, the rigid packaging is something that people will not throw away and probably use to store some other paraphernalia.

Rigid Box Packaging for Electronic Items

One of the most prolific buyers of rigid box packaging is the electronics industry; the sturdy nature of rigid cardstock allows protection to the stored items. Electronic items have sensitive components and circuitry that can be damaged if the packaging was accidentally dropped. However, rigid box packaging usually has matching inserts that hold electronic devices securely within the packaging, ensuring that the tiny drops and bumps during transport and carriage do not harm the sensitive item. That is why if you go to the malls you will see many electronic things, laptops and even mini-pcs in rigid box packaging. 

Rigid Boxes are Ideal for Branding and Marketing

The quality that makes rigid box packaging so expensive is also why many large scale companies use it for packaging their products. A rigid box decorated with the companies’ logos, graphics, and descriptive text is ideal for branding and long-term marketing. How, you may ask? The answer is simple – make the packaging so exquisite that people will not want to throw it away.

When people find durable packaging from an earlier product and that too visually appealing. They will keep it to store other things instead of throwing it. Every time they will see that box or anyone else will, it will remind them of the product. And the company that made the product – if that’s not long term marketing, we don’t know what is. Companies spend millions to make their products and their company visible to people; if you have packaging that will do that with no additional costs, you have yourself a marketing goldmine. 

To further elaborate on what we mentioned above, we’ll take a major fast-food giant as an example; we’ll call them M. M is famous for their burgers; the funny thing is they brand their burger boxes. Everybody knows that the burger box will end up in the garbage can eventually. So why spend millions on branding the packaging? The reason is for marketing purposes; M knows that if someone sees a person eating their burgers, that is free-marketing for M since their burger box has the M logo and name of their burger. Even if it’s in the trashcan and someone passes by, they will know and realize that this is M’s burger box. A large fast-food chain with delicious burgers and might be influenced to go and eat there.

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