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The Simple Seerah – Part 1 -Order Your Copy Now

The Simple Seerah – Part 2 -Order Your Copy Now

Assist with proceeding with The Story simple seerah of The Seerah – A Unique Sadaqa Jaliyah Opportunity After effectively realizing Part One of The Simple Seerah, with 4,000 pre-orders, we have now begun chipping away at Part Two!

Assist us with keeping simple seerah on recounting

The legendary tale of The Seerah in the simple exceptional novel-like, simple to peruse, but, language that we have used to rejuvenate this task and associate more youthful Muslims with the historical backdrop of Islam and above all, the Prophet Muhammad (phub).
Making The Seerah Accessible

The Simple Seerah project is intended to make

The simple seerah open to everybody. In any case, since something is open, it doesn’t be guaranteed to imply that somebody (particularly a youthful peruser) will need to understand it. To handle this, we’re composing The design, so the peruser can utilize their creative mind and submerge themselves into parts of the existence of the Prophet (saw).

We’ve previously had incredible criticism from individuals

Who have perused Part One, spurred by the amount they have cherished and shown appreciation for The Simple we’re committed to delivering section two! You Can Bring This Project To Life!

We want your assistance to rejuvenate this undertaking

We want to raise no less than £10,000 to meet our base creation costs. You can assist us with arriving at this objective by requesting your own duplicate now or by supporting a part of the book.
This mission is to support section two of The Simple Seerah. We are delivering the in stages so new perusers are not overpowered by the size of the book.

All prizes related simple seerah

The above model is for representation purposes just, the plan and varieties might change for the last creation. It’s very mind blowing when you consider it.

That this book and numerous others like it are a not undeniably.

Expounded on a man know how to peruse or compose.

The Prophet Muhammad is the most simple seerah compelling and adored

Individual to have at any point strolled the essence of this world islamic bookstore. The things that he said and did a long time back.

Actually influence the existences of billions all over the planet today.

This book recounts the narrative of Islam all along

How a whole city attempted to kill one man basically in light of the simple seerah fact that he talked reality with regards to God, calling for equity and the fair treatment of ladies and poor people. It is a story of looking for truth, framing significant bonds past status.

Individual interest, and defeating hindrances for the Almighty.

Having devoted a lot of his life to making sense

The more profound implications of the Qur’an for non-Arabic simple seerah speakers, but, Utah Assim Khan has now assumed the test of relating the existence of the Prophet Muhammad in obvious narrating style. This style of the is yet to be knowledgeable about the English language.

The peruser back to the hour of the Prophet and his Companions.

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