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The Story Of Joinpd

JoinPD is a platform that enables you to join a presentation that is already in progress by entering your code into the system. Pear Deck, powered by Join PD, makes it possible for instructors and students to participate in virtual class sessions. If the instructor wants everyone to join, he or she must first build a presentation using his or her Join.PD account and then send the joinpdcom code to all of the interested students or individuals so that they may prticipate from their various locations.

Simply expressed, that’s all there is to it. When it comes to students’ accessing’s presentation, they must first create a login username and password before they can take part.

It doesn’t matter why you want to set up a or change your Joinpd password; the information below will be helpful. We’ll help you through creating your username and password, whether you’re a student or a teacher. We’ll also teach you how to go to to participate in the ongoing presentation. Getting Things Started

I’m not sure what JoinPD is or how works at all.

  • It is possible for educators and schools to access a variety of tools and materials through Pear Deck’s fermium model for free or for a small monthly fee.
  • Joining Peardeck is a website that permits professors and students to connect for online classes while also witnessing presentations that are actively going place on the platform.
  • To invite students who are presently enrolled in that class and studying that particular subject, the instructor must first log in and then construct a presentation using this facility.
  • As a rule, these are the well-known instruments that are frequently employed in the United States. Consequently, we may classify this item under the student support web site subcategory of the categorization system. It may be available via the official JoinPD website, which may be located at (in English) (in English).
  • Initially sight, it seems to be a lively and effective tool for youngsters who are in the process of developing their social and personal talents.
  • Student growth is supported by Peardeck’s assistance in creating a healthy learning attitude and fostering a feeling of belonging to the community or the value of belonging in pupils.
  • If you haven’t taken any lessons on Peardeck before and aren’t sure how to utilise it, don’t be intimidated. Step by step directions will be provided in this post to lead you through the complete procedure.

Creating an Account with Join pd

  • In this post, I’ll show you how to sign up for Pear Deck as a new user because making a Join pd account is very simple. First and foremost, setting up a brand-new Pear Deck account is the first step towards engaging your pupils with interactive presentations in the future.
  • Visit the Pear Deck website or Google Slides or PowerPoint Online and sign in using the Google or Microsoft Office 365 account that you wish to use to get started.
  • When you get to, select “teacher login” from the list of available options to sign in as a user
  • Make your decision from the drop-down option based on the sort of account you want access to.
  • Pear Deck will ask you permission to access your Google Drive or One Drive, and you must grant it. Following that, you’ll be needed to answer a few questions on your account’s settings. The *selectors do not offer us with any information about the kids they are picking.
  • Choose Authorize from the drop-down option if you wish to link Pear Deck to your Google Drive or OneDrive. Before continuing, you’ll be prompted to grant Pear Deck permission to access your email and password.
  • Fill in the areas with your postal code and educational institution of choice. Even if your school isn’t included in the drop-down menu or you don’t have a US postal code, you can still apply. In place of your school’s name or zip code, you can use any five-digit number.
  • Set up the Join pd add-on on any Google Slides (if you have a Google account) or PowerPoint online presentation (if you have an Office 365 account) you intend to use for your presentation (if you used a Google account). To learn how to accomplish this, go on to the following section.

One benefit of dealing with Join.PD is that they provide a wide range of services.

The PD, commonly known as the Pear Deck, has earned various honours and accolades since its launch. In order for students and teachers to get the most out of their learning experience, it contains a variety of useful features. Beyond that, there are numerous more advantages to using this platform as a whole.

The collaboration of professors and students may result in aesthetically attractive design presentations that are interesting for the entire class. A slide presentation is made by Pear Deck utilising a mix of Google slides and the Slides software.

To become a member of, simply join your e-mail address and password.

Using this tool, you may come up with questions that are completely original to you. Essay questions, multiple-choice questions, and online presentations, among other tactics, may be utilised to keep students interested in the content.

PowerPoint presentations may now include audio. A recorded lecture may be played for students during your live sessions by your teachers.

Using or Pear Deck as a resource provides a lot of other advantages and benefits in addition to that. The only thing you have to do now is look into it and find out how it works! The actions listed below may help you regain access to your account if you are experiencing problems doing so.

Participation in join is uncomplicated, and both teachers and students will find it advantageous.

For more information, please visit the join home page at To get started, go to and fill out the required information on the page that pops up thereafter.

The login screen will now display in front of you, as depicted below. Input your login and password into the appropriate fields now.

To proceed, you must first enter your email address or password, and then click on the Submit Button. When you navigate to your account dashboard, you’ll see the login page.

Joinpdcom FAQs:

Is Pear Deck a cost-free resource for instructors and students?


There is a free version of Pear Deck available for teachers and other people to download and use.

The JoinPD Code and the joinpdcom Link are two independent pieces of information. Is there a distinction to be made here?

In contrast to the Join Code, which is only active for 4 days, the Join Link is good for an endless amount of time. If you wish to prepare for a lesson a week ahead of time, you may email the Join Link to the students and ask them to come on time for class on the day in question.

Is there a joinpdcom application available?

Pear Deck can only be accessible with a browser plugin, which is currently unavailable (also known as an Add-on or Add-in) (also known as an Add-on or Add-in).

When it comes to using Pear Deck, which browsers work best?

Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox are the only browsers that work with Pear Deck (no other browsers supported). It is incompatible with the Internet Explorer web browser.


Pear Deck, as it is generally called, is an educational technology platform that supports educators in enhancing the teaching and learning experience for both students and instructors. As demonstrated by the various distinctions that JoinPD has achieved, it looks to be a legitimate platform. As a start-up, it has experienced rapid expansion in a short period of time. We will put forth every effort to locate the best suited solution for your needs.

Thank you.

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