These driving habits can cause damage to your windshield.

Your car’s windshield is crucial to keep you safe behind the wheel. There are many reasons windshields can crack, but the blunt force is the most common. Windshields can easily be cracked or chipped by flying debris or rocks, and also we provide a solution for every type of auto glass service in windshield replacement charlotte NC.

windshield replacement charlotte NC

A cracked or chipped windshield could make it dangerous to drive. Cracked windshields can obscure your vision, making it a danger to other drivers. A cracked or chipped windshield can be more vulnerable to shattering, especially in an accident.

Your driving style can make your autoglass more likely to crack or chip. Find out how your driving habits can cause more damage than good to your autoglass.

Windshield Causes of Too Fast on Gravel

Concrete and cement roads are tightly packed, but gravel and loose dirt roads don’t have the same density. This can lead to vehicles in front of you throwing debris up, which can cause cracks in your autoglass. You can cause more damage to your windshield if you drive too fast on gravel or dirt roads.

You can’t prevent autoglass damage, but slowing down on gravel roads can keep rocks from flying off your autoglass. Unpacked roads are also a good place to slow down. You have less traction underneath your tires, making it easier to lose control when you turn or change lanes.

Not Following Other Drivers Closely

You risk hitting another vehicle if you closely follow other drivers. Additionally, debris from cars ahead could get on your windshield. It can pose a danger to your windshield and vehicle if you follow large rigs, such as a semi-truck, dump truck, or harvest vehicle that carries a lot of equipment or produce.

To protect your autoglass while driving in traffic, keeping at least one car length behind other vehicles is important. This will make debris and flying rocks less likely to land on your car. To determine the distance, you should keep from other drivers, consider weather conditions, traffic volume, and time of day. Winter and night can make it more difficult to navigate the roads, so keep your distance from other vehicles.


You can endanger your legal rights and health by driving too fast, causing your car to slide into mud puddles, or stopping abruptly. Even if you don’t get in a car accident, these actions can cause damage to your windshield. To avoid inadvertently damaging your windshield, take a defensive driving class.

These are some ways to avoid reckless driving:

  • Driving at the posted speed signs (or below)
  • Avoid drivers who seem inattentive and careless on the roads
  • Avoid dangerous roads

Call your auto glass technician immediately if you notice a tiny chip or crack in your autoglass. Small chips can quickly become large cracks that block your vision and make it difficult to treat. You will need to replace your windshield if you neglect windshield repair.

A qualified auto glass technician can prevent small cracks from worsening, making your windshield more durable and safer. Your auto insurance may cover autoglass care and replacement.

For all your windshield requirements, make an appointment with windshield replacement Charlotte NC. We provide prompt and reliable autoglass replacement and repair services.

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