Three Simple Web Design Tips To Improve SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of increasing a web page’s visibility on search engines such as Google and Bing, often by helping the page rank number one in Google’s results pages or Bing’s results pages. The three simple tips SEO Company Orlando are going to share with you can improve your ranking in these search engines while also improving your website’s usability and design at the same time. So let’s get started!

1. Keep Your Content Up to Date

Google loves sites that are updated with fresh, useful, and relevant content. If you keep your website’s content relevant, it is going to be a lot more useful for the reader and your SEO Company Orlando will rank higher on Google’s search engine results too. Even if you don’t have time to update your website every day, it’s important to update at least a couple of times every week. The best way to do this is by setting up a schedule and sticking to it as best as you can.

2. Use Keywords in Titles and Descriptions

Keywords are what search engines use to find your content. Your title tag and meta description are the most important keywords for your site. So make sure that you use the words or phrases that you want to be found by these engines in both of these places. For instance, if you are writing a blog post about cooking, then make sure that “cooking” is mentioned somewhere within the title tag or description. Remember these details have to be hand-coded so don’t rely on plugins for this task as they don’t always place the details where they should go.

3. Make a Unique Page for Each Web Page

A website with 200 pages will likely be ranked higher than a website with 500 pages. So the act of creating unique pages for each web page is going to improve your site’s SEO. Web designers tend to focus more on making websites look nice rather than making them work well. There are some web designers out there who haven’t yet made the leap from HTML 4.01 to HTML5.

If you use these three simple web design tips mentioned above on your SEO Company Orlando website, then chances are that you should see an improvement in how high your site ranks on search engines such as Google and Bing which is going to give you more traffic to your site. Because they will also rank you higher in their results pages.

What Else Can Be Added to Improve SEO?

 Here are some other important tips:

1. Use Unique H1 Headings for Each Web Page

In the past month, SEO Company Orlando has written about how to make your website look better and it was explained that you should keep your keywords in the title tag and meta description section. However, unique h1 headings are also highly effective at improving SEO. When using unique h1 headings to improve your search engine rankings there is a good chance that Google will read the page title as “the best web design software”, but not “the best PHP development software”.

2. Use Unique URLs

In a previous article we mentioned how to make your website look better and it was later mentioned that you should use unique URLs for each web page. It is an obvious statement, but it still makes sense to point out that Google loves websites with unique URLs.

3. Remove Unnecessary Code

By using CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, and other technologies, you can remove all the unnecessary code from your blog. This will allow Google and Bing to better crawl your  SEO Company Orlando website. Just by doing this, you should see significant improvements in search engine rankings.

4. Remove Flash Files from Your Site

Flash files can be very bad for SEO because they do not play well with Google’s algorithm. If you are still using flash on your site then you should seriously consider deleting those flash files. So that your website becomes more usable and so that it ranks higher in Google’s search results pages.

5. The SEO Challenge!

Well here is the final challenge for you: in the next few weeks go back to your site. And make sure that you have removed all of the flash, CSS, HTML, and everything else that makes your website hard to crawl and search engine friendly. This will improve your site’s SEO and make it more user-friendly too. You won’t be too far away from building a highly connected site with both powerful technology and great design. At least this should be how it goes if you use these three simple tips which we’ve explained to you here today.

Pro tip: If you’re building a website from scratch, but don’t yet have a digital designer, then consider hiring one. That way you’ll get your SEO Company Orlando site designed and built in a better format than if you tried to do it yourself.

Hire a Web Designer

Wide Range of Web Design Services Available Help you create your website and help with your Internet Marketing campaigns. We offer this wide range of web design services by maintaining a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. This is the reason why we are one of the most sought-after and preferred website design companies in Adelaide! We aim to produce the best results for your business.

Promote Your Website Online

We can also help you to promote your SEO Company Orlando website online with SEO, Pay Per Click, and Social Media Marketing Campaigns. These online campaigns are designed to keep your business at top of mind for your customers and drive more traffic to your site. In return, we would expect to see an increase in leads and sales for your business! We can also help you build a company website that is search engine optimized and will get more traffic than ever before.

Remove Repetitive Words

If you have found that your site is starting to look very repetitive and monotonous then you could try removing some of the words. This should prove to be fairly easy to do as long as you are looking at the website from a strict SEO point of view. As we mentioned above, keywords should be placed in the title tag and meta description. These two sections will help Google to determine the content that is contained in your website. If there are any words that you can remove from your site, then make sure that they never appear anywhere else on your website again. You don’t want them to be repeated in the title tag or meta description or anywhere else on your website. But if you have found that they have been placed in other parts of your site then they should be removed.

Remove Old Copy

Since you are now looking at your SEO Company Orlando site strictly as a search engine optimization tool then any copy that isn’t related to the core function of running your website should be removed. This would include any copy that you may have added for marketing purposes for example so any copy which is marketing-related should be removed. 

That being said, the main purpose of your SEO Company Orlando website should still stand out so any copy that doesn’t serve a purpose in contributing to the central purpose of running the website should be removed. You may want to think about copying some of that information onto another web page. So that you can still use it for search engine optimization purposes. But removing it from this web page will greatly help with regards to ranking for specific keywords.

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