Time To Call For An Arborist: 5 Signs That A Tree Is Dying

Do you often notice the changes happening to the trees around you? You might think some of these changes are normal and some factors are just affecting them. However, sometimes, when trees change, it’s time to call a professional arborist.

As we all know, trees provide a lot of benefits to humans and other animals such as food, shelter, and air. So when they die, other living things also suffer, even if we don’t notice it most of the time.

Aside from the basic benefits humans can get from trees, there are other helpful effects of maintaining trees around. Some of these benefits are providing good aesthetics and adding value to a property. So even if you’re not an environmentalist per se, you should still save the trees.

So, if you’re wondering about the signs of dying trees, you should check the list below!

1. Has brittle bark

One of the most noticeable signs that a tree is dying is when the bark is becoming loose. It’s when you see some big cracks that might be caused by heavy weather conditions or other damaging factors.

At first, you might think that the tree is just exfoliating or changing skin, but that’s not how it works. If you notice something similar to that, it’s best if you call an arborist as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, if you notice some dead branches or parts, then it might not be a sign that the tree is dying. Instead, it might be a sign of a disease so you can still prevent the worst from happening.

2. Infested with pests and diseases

If you happen to come across some pests living around the tree, or some discolouration, there may be signs of a dying tree. However, some diseases can’t be seen since they look like they’re a part of the tree.

The downside of having pests and diseases is that other plants and trees can also be damaged. Moreover, it might be too late to find out where the infestation started. So if you think your area is prone to harmful organisms that may affect the trees, then you should contact an arborist for regular tree maintenance.

Keep in mind that although some organisms may look harmless, such as fungus, they might be just feeding on a decaying tree.


3. It’s leaning

Have you noticed that the tree is gradually leaning? It may be because it’s planted in the wrong way, but it can also be a sign of weakness. Furthermore, if it’s a sign of weakness, then various things may have caused it.

Some of the most popular causes of leaning trees are damaged roots, unhealthy soil, and weather conditions. Unfortunately, some trees that have been leaning for a long time can’t be fixed anymore. If not handled by an arborist, the tree may not be able to recover.

So the moment you saw there’s something wrong with the way it’s growing, then you should have it checked soon. Otherwise, you might just end up calling for tree removal services.

4. Too many falling leaves

It depends on the type of tree, but when you noticed that a tree has brown and brittle leaves during the growing season, then there might be a problem. If you can recall the past years of how the tree behaves, you can easily determine if the leaves are normal.

During the winter, the most common way of identifying if there’s something wrong with a tree is by looking at the stipules or the buds. If these have tiny dots, then there’s a big chance that leaves will still emerge. Otherwise, there’s a problem with it.

But of course, it’s hard to identify, especially if you’re not an arborist. So instead of wasting your time thinking if the leaves will grow or not, it’s better to just ask for professional help.


5. Root problems

You might think, “Oh, this tree’s just too large and old that’s why its roots are exposed”. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. There are many reasons why the roots of a tree are exposed like unhealthy soil, root damage, and inadequate space to grow.

For instance, if there are a lot of trees and plants in your area, you should give them enough space to grow. If they don’t have enough space, then they might not grow fully or they won’t receive enough nutrients they need.

When it comes to dying trees, you may notice that the roots are slimy, which can be caused by diseases. And similar to the bark, the roots can also become brittle and may seem to be damaged.

If you have noticed any slight changes to the tree around you, then you should just call for an arborist instead of dealing with it yourself. On the other hand, you can prevent any of these changes from happening if you just have regular tree maintenance.

Don’t forget to share with us more tips on how to spot any irregularities on trees and other plants by leaving a comment below!

Aliana Baraquio

Aliana Baraquio is a web content writer during the day, and an aspiring chef before dinner time. You can catch her browsing the internet for the latest hairstyles and hair care tips in her free time.

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