If you are ready to switch to solar energy and want to know your best options; so, let me tell you that one suitable option you can adopt is to install solar on your home or commercial area. When solar panels are installed on the roof of the home then a roof-mounted solar system is a better option.

On the other hand, Solar Systems of Ground Mounting is the best option where solar panels are installed on the ground. If you have limited space on the roof or there are too many barriers in the roof such as vents, doorways, or fireplaces then there is a better option for installing a solar ground mount.

Ground mounts give you the option to generate more electricity if you have equipment on your property that consumes more electricity.

Solar energy is better at generating more electricity and at the same time, it is equivalent to more savings and energy freedom.

Standard Solar Ground Mounting System:

This Metal framing is fitted to the ground by either helical pilings (in this giant screws fitted into the ground) or to concrete footings. The solar panels are tilted at a specific angle. Keeping the key objective of the project you have to give a 20 to 35-degree angle to the solar panels. If the tilt will be good and higher then solar panels will help to produce more energy.

Special attention should be paid to the height of the solar panels. If there are multiple rows of panels, keep in mind that taller panels require proper distance to produce sufficient renewable energy. In a ground-mounted system, rows are usually between 8 to 20 feet high.

Pole Mounted Solar System:

The pole-mounted system supports multiple solar panels on a single pole with a higher altitude. They can also integrate a tracking system specifically to tilt the solar panels automatically.  and properly follow the path of the sun. In this way, the production increases 25% on an average basis and sometimes more than this.

Important Note while installing solar ground mounting system:

By installing the solar mounting system on the ground also prevents the risk of possible roof leaks during rainy seasons. Moreover, it is pertinent to mention here that, you may also have to restore your roof at some point during the life of the system.

In this illustration, you will have to take services from an electrical company. they can uninstall the solar mounting system, to have your roofer replace the roof.

And when you are replacing the roof, so one more time you have to take services from the electrician.

who will come back to your home to reinstall the solar panels. This whole process will take much time and you will have to bear much repairing and maintenance costs.

And keep in mind that this process can damage solar panels and electrical equipment. To minimize shading onto your solar ground mounting system you want to be mindful of barriers and tree lines.

Always follow the rule of thumb that explains about the distance of the array must be 2.5 times the height of the obstruction or the tree.

For example, if there is any tree line available that is 100 feet, then you must have to install the solar system at least 250 feet away from the trees.

Final Words:

I have explained in detail about the both installation methods pole-mounted solar system and the standard solar grounded system. And I am hopeful that now have much knowledge about the installation process along with essential safety precautions.

Must share your experience of installing the solar system, and about what system you have installed, and how much power you are producing.

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