Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Apps Lists To Download

There is a growing variety of Fantasy APPS to choose from; however, choosing the right Fantasy APP is essential for each Fantasy player. We all want to make money playing sports and talents, so we will talk about the best fantasy apps that are less well-known to players who play fantasy. Note: We are not going to list a lot of apps. We have listed only the best fantasy apps.

#1. Fantasy dangal

Fantasy Dangal is an online new fantasy app available in India, which lets you put your knowledge of sports and capabilities to the test by your preference and play online games of fantasy sports. Fantasy Dangal has a range of online fantasy sports, such as Football, Cricket, and Kabaddi. Therefore, it is your choice which you prefer the most. I’ll tell you about all the different types of fantasy sports you can participate in on Fantasy Dangal.

#2. Funtasy 11

Funtasy11 is among the latest launched Fantasy Cricket Apps In India, offering various fantasy formats. Players can also be awarded cash prizes for guessing the score or stats for the match. Sign up now and enjoy the cash reward in the amount of Rs.100 to participate.

#3. Jeet11

Jeet11 is among the most recent Fantasy Cricket Apps In India, which offers a variety of Fantasy formats to choose from as well as players can be awarded cash prizes for guessing the score or stats for the match. Join now and get the cash reward in the amount of Rs.100 for playing.

#4. Qureka

Qureka is among the new Quiz, Fantasy Cricket Apps In India, a variety of fantasy formats available to try out. Players can win cash prizes simply by predicting the score or the game’s stats. Register and take advantage of the cash reward of Rs.100 to participate.

#5. KhelChamps

KhelChamps has recently been launched on the market and is one of India’s most promising fantasy apps. Download Khel champ fantasy and receive cash rewards from joining the league for free. Khelchamp offers quick withdrawal of money within less than 48 hours.

#6. DuggOut

DuggOut is a brand new Fantasy Cricket app becoming popular with cricket enthusiasts. DuggOut is a popular app with contests like Mini contests, where you can join for just 5 rupees and win 50 rupees. DuggOut also has daily free contests and offers exciting cash deposit promotions often. In DuggOut you can earn up to 1,000 rupees each month by inviting friends to join you to deposit money and play.

#7. Indus Games

The name alone suggests, Indus Games is one of the Largest Fantasy Sports sites of
India offers you the thrill with Fantasy Games. Indus Games provides a first of a kind fantasy sports website that caters to Indian customers.
Indus Games by a group of cricket enthusiasts who sleep, eat and fantasize about cricket! It’s a great time to be a part of the game, and fantasy cricket is the only venue where the fans can demonstrate their expertise and knowledge of this sport.

In Indus games, all you have to do is build an Indus team with 100 credits as a budget. Your team’s players get points based on their actual game performance.

#8. Rotobash

Rotobash is a newly-launched fantasy cricket website in India. It offers an exciting and innovative platform providing the chance to all cricket enthusiasts to test their cricket knowledge of knowledge, insight, and abilities and feel the excitement of creating and running a team and the excitement of playing and winning. Participate in fantasy cricket and win real cash. Join your friends to join Rotobash and earn 100 loyalty bonus points that can be utilized in any league…

#9. Cricking Duels

Cricking Duel is the only fantasy site with a Duels as a bonus feature and a HYBRID GAME format that lets you play as the 11th player on the team. You can predict a bowl-by-bow score, thereby making your score greater than the total score of all other players on the team, resulting in winning a significant amount of real money. Cricking Duels is one of the top fantasy applications in India…

Cricking Duels is an Hybrid Fantasy game that takes fantasy games to a whole new level. It’s an exciting feature that lets players design their dream team for every cricket match to earn points and win cash prizes.

#10. Real11 Fantasy

Real11 is a newly launched marketplace where players can play a new type of fantasy game and win cash prizes! Real11 fantasy is a platform to increase the popularity of fantasy cricket for real-life fantasy players. Show your skills as a cricketer and have the chance to win more cash!


A fantasy cricket app is a mobile application that allows users to create and manage their own virtual cricket teams. Users can select real-life players from upcoming matches and earn points based on their performances in the actual games. The app typically has a leaderboard or league system where users can compete against each other and see how their teams stack up against others. Some fantasy cricket apps also allow users to join or create private leagues with friends or compete in public leagues with other users.

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