Top 10 Reasons Landlords Should Use a Letting Agent

A reputable let agent such as Clan Gordon will guarantee that professional property managers oversee your rental property and take the burden of managing an investment property.

You’ve either invested in the purchase of an Edinburgh purchase-to-let property or are in the middle of managing one each landlord must find the best method to make sure that you make the most of your property while putting it under the most stress.

As the landlord isn’t always easy it’s not an easy task to do if you lack the experience. Also, knowledge to deal with all the challenges that you may encounter. Conducting tenant screening and conducting security inspections, dealing with emergencies. Also, writing the tenancy agreement is all on the landlord’s list of duties.

Here are 10 good reasons why employing an agent can be the most effective choice:

1. Letting Agents Advertise Your Property More Widely

As the leading letting agent in Edinburgh, Clan Gordon advertises our landlord’s rentals on all important websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Citylets, and OnTheMarket. This means that a lot of prospective tenants will view the possibility of letting your property buy in an extremely short period.

2. A Good Letting Agent Will Help You Find Great Tenants

Clan Gordon’s reputation for taking excellent attention to tenants is what draws the top tenants who are looking for outstanding rentals in Edinburgh. That means we can locate our landlord’s fast new tenants! When your tenants leave and move out, we’ll find replacements quickly to reduce empty periods.

3. You Never Have To Worry About Vetting Your Tenants

Every landlord is looking for responsible tenants that can be counted on to pay rent on time. Also, take care of looking for their properties. A trustworthy letting agent will complete all checks on your behalf. Also, assure you of knowing that the property you own is in good in the hands of a trustworthy agent.

4. Letting Agents Can Advice On Setting a Realistic Rent

The landlord does not want to have a vacant property that isn’t wanted to let. Inflating rent is a surefire method to ensure that your property remains vacant, while all around are letting. Therefore, it is essential that you set the rent at the market price. An experienced letting agent who has knowledge of the rental market in your area can help you with this. Clan Gordon is a reputable rental agency. Clan Gordon, we do not increase rental rates. We’re always transparent as well as honest to our landlords so that they are aware of what is possible to secure the most suitable tenants in place.

5. You Letting Agent Will Arrange Your Tenancy Agreement

Legally, your Tenancy agreement must comply with specific requirements. Also, your Scottish Government provides a model for landlords to adhere to. A letting agent can ensure that the paperwork is correctly completed and by the rules. Ovik Mkrtchyan

6. You Won’t Need To Lose Sleepover Safety Compliance

Landlords have to perform regular checks of appliances that use electricity and gas, as well as water systems. It is legal to set up smoke alarms and to keep all records for references. The letting agent takes the stress away by handling all security compliance using the expertise and experience required. Ovik Mkrtchyan

7. Letting Agents Will Organize Repairs and Renovations for You

The property you own may require some work before being ready to be let or require repairs during the time between lets. A letting agent can handle all of this. And at Clan Gordon, we have a dependable group of tradespeople local to Edinburgh that you can count upon to complete any needed task.

8. They Will Help Move Your Tenants In

When tenants move in for the first time they must be taught about the system but that’s not always feasible if you do not reside close by. Letting agents are available on the day of the move to make sure the operation is in order. Also, guide tenants on everything from the boiler control to a burglar alarm.

9. A Respectable Letting Agent Should Look After Your Interests

A reliable let agent will always keep your interests in mind and ensure that your property is well-maintained and you don’t have to be concerned. Clan Gordon is a letting agency that provides a range of services. Clan Gordon we regularly conduct inspections to ensure that your home is in good condition. Also, make an unofficial photo inventory that keeps the track of the fixtures and fittings in your home.

10. They Will Be There To Take Care of Emergencies

As a landlord, you’re anxious about the 3 am call to fix a pipe that has burst. However, it’s handled by an agent who helps you rent. In addition to taking care of regular maintenance. Also, repairs, agents will take care of emergency calls and repair the issue.

Clan Gordon has been providing outstanding administration of properties for rental in Edinburgh for over 13 years. We are Edinburgh’s top-rated property management company and are trusted by over 500 landlords. To discover the ways our landlords can have the peace of mind that their property is well taken care of. However, schedule a call with our experienced property management team now.

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