Top 15 One Day Trip Places In Bangalore

Take a one day trip from Bangalore to any one of these most popular places, namely Ramanagaram, Shivanasamudram, Hogenakkal, Mysore, Nandi Hills, Kabini, Bheemeshwari, Shivagange, Anthargange, Horsley Hills, Hassan, Nrityagram, Chikballapur, Channapatna, and Yelagiri Hills!

Week-End Getaways From Bangalore

Tired of the routine work at the office? Retreat from the busy city life. Recharge yourself with a visit to picnic spots near Bangalore! We have come up with great ideas to make your week-ends the most enjoyable ones! Yeah! Here we present the  top attractions near Bangalore for you to enjoy with your dear ones! If you are from Chennai, book a Chennai To Bangalore Drop Taxi.  After reaching Bangalore and having some rest, you can hire a taxi to reach all the above destinations!

1. Ramanagaram

Location:  50 Km away from Bangalore.

Travelling Time – 1 hour 40 minutes

It is one of the most adventurous places to be travel near Bangalore. The Rocky terrains of Ramanagaram are most suitable for rappelling, trekking, cave exploration, and camping. The Hindi film Sholey was shooted here named as Ramgarh in the story. This is the best place for a week-end one-day trip in Bangalore!

2. Shivanasamudram

Location:  135.5 Km away from Bangalore

Travelling Time: 3 Hours

It is a place with extreme scenic beauty. The waterfalls, beautiful temples and lush greenery make it the best place for trekking, photography and nature walk. You can plan a one-day outing with your friends or relatives. The long drive will surely give you a refreshing experience.

3. Hogenakkal

Location: 180 Km

Travelling Time: 4 hours

Hogenakkal is a village of Tamil Nadu where the river Cauvery divides itself into many tributaries. This place is famous for its enchanting view of Cauvery rapidly drizzling on to the rocks. The people of Bangalore can enjoy this Niagara of the East with an exciting coracle ride and photo shoot.

4. Mysore

Location – 150 Km

Travelling Time- 4 Hours

Mysore is notable for its palace, galleries, gardens, and temples. You will really adore the beauty of the age-old architecture of the Palace of Mysore, especially on days of Dussehra celebrations. Also, you can shop for the best quality sandalwood products in Mysore!  The popular and well-maintained Mysore Zoo, the great Krishnarajasagar Dam with Brindavan Gardens, and Chamundi Hills are other important attractions in Mysore!

5. Nandi Hills

Distance: 62 Km from Bangalore

Travelling Time – 2 Hours

The Nandi Hills are named after the Nandi ( The Bull of Lord Shiva) located at the entrance of the famous Yoganandeeshwara Temple situated here. You can enjoy the view of the bright sunrise and the green valley. This destination is ideal for hanging out with your friends!  A long drive from Bangalore, cycling to the hills or trekking in the meadows are the most enjoyable fun activities you could do!

6. Kabini

Distance: 216 Km from Bangalore.

Traveling Time – 4 hours

The Kabini river is located in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve with a Dam. You can enjoy the one-day trip with Forest Safari, Elephant Safari, Boating, Kayaking. You will love a thrilling forest safari and view the wildlife of the Nagarhole National Park.  

7. Bheemeshwari

Distance from Bangalore – 106 Km

Time for travel- 2 hours 30 minutes

Bheemeshwari is a place located on the banks of river Cauvery. You can enjoy trekking, trailing, camping, river rafting, jumaring and playing a number of sports. Enjoy a peaceful stay at a jungle lodge and have fun with a range of adventure sports. You can view the sight of the rich flora and fauna. 

8. Shivaganga Hill

Distance – 60 Km from Bangalore.

Time for travel- 1 Hour 30 Minutes

This mountain peak has a unique shape of the Shiva linga. You can plan trekking, rock climbing on this mountain with your peers. A long drive to this place will give you peace of mind and great positive energy. 

9. Anthargange

Distance – 70 Km from Bangalore.

Time for travel- 2 Hours

This is a less popular destination around Bangalore but ideal for family picnics!

This hill was formed out of volcanic rocks. It is a suitable place for trekking, rock climbing and cave exploration. 

10. Horsley Hills

Distance- 154 Km from Bangalore

Time for travel- 3 Hours 30 Minutes

This small hill station is famous for eye-catching views of flora and fauna. There is the ‘World’s biggest banyan tree’ in Horsley Hills. 

11. Hassan

Distance – 182 Km from Bangalore

Time for travel- 3 Hours

This historic city stands as an evidence of our cultural heritage! The temple architecture of the Hoysala temples is adorable. It is named after Goddess Hassanamba who resides in her shrine here! You must also visit Gorur dam, Ramanthaour temple and Shettyhalli church.  The Shettyhalli church gets submerged in water during monsoons but emerges back after the monsoons are over!

12. Nrityagram

Distance – 38 km from Bangalore

Travelling Time – 1 Hour 30 Minutes

The famous odissi dancer Protima Gauri founded this village of art. You can take your family for a one-day trip to enjoy watching classical dance forms. You can watch the Gurukul lifestyle which is a community living style. 

13. Chikballapur

Distance – 58 Km from Bangalore

Travelling Time: 1 hour 30 Minutes 

This place is surrounded by 5 hills and hence is appropriate for viewing the scenic beauty and climbing rocks. If you are excited about the thrilling experiences of trekking and hiking, then this is the apt place to have fun! It is also well-known for the silk and incense industries.

14. Channapatna

Distance – 67 Km from Bangalore

Travelling Time – 2 hours

This beautiful place is also known as the toy land of Karnataka. The wooden toys and art craft of Channapatna are famous all over the world. These toys are made up of Ivory wood and painted with vegetable dye. You can buy some toys to decorate your home!

15. Yelagiri Hills

Distance –  212 Km from Bangalore

Travelling Time – 4 Hours

This enchanting place gives you the peace you need after a hectic load of work pressure throughout the week. The quiet and beautiful scenic views in every direction will fill happiness into your soul and also into your family! You can stay at a beautiful hotel in Yelagiri and also go trekking. The telescope house shows the beauty of Puganoor lake and Nilavoor lake. 

Why Should You Hire a Cab For Your Tours?

Driving will surely make you more tired after a tiresome week. Just let the cab driver do his work while you sit back and enjoy your trip! Spend time with your family, have fun, and enjoy good food. 

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