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Top 5 Bathroom Essentials

Whether it comes to building a new bathroom, revamping an existing one, or even setting up those in your hotel or spa chain, you must pick the right bathroom essentials.

So let’s break it down for you—here are the 5 essential items every bathroom should have.

1.     Towels for Drying Yourself

bath towels

You can’t say ‘bath’ room and not have a ‘bath’ towel. We suggest buying a couple of hand towels, a bath towel, an extra towel for guests, and even a smaller face towel if you have sensitive skin.

Always check the labels to buy bath towels that are comfortable and last long. Good material and a high GSM (200-300 for hand towels, 400-800 for bath towels) are necessary for comfort and absorbency that does not fade away after a few washes.

2.     Soapy Necessities

You can’t get yourself squeaky clean without soap, and you can’t handle slippery soap without a suitable soap holder. When shopping for soap, pick one that suits your needs, not just the one that’s cheapest or that smells the nicest.

Next, pick your soap type: bar or liquid soap. Bar soaps are far more eco-friendly than liquid soaps and last long. If you select a soap bar, look for a soap holder with proper drainage to avoid wastage. If you are shopping for liquid soap, we recommend buying a matching soap dispenser and toothbrush holder set and purchasing soap refills.

3.     Ledges & Rails


Bathroom essentials should include proper storage. Keep your towels, toilet paper stock, and extra toiletries at close range for convenience. Start with towel rails: get a towel rail for your hand towel and another for bath towels to ensure proper ventilation.

For other bath linens and toiletries, purchase shelves and racks or have a custom storage cabinet made. A mirror cabinet is ideal for smaller spaces. If your bathroom is spacious, go for under-sink cabinets to get plentiful storage for all your towels, bath products, as well as cleaning material.

4.     Sanitation Add-ons

We’re talking toilet paper holders and bidet sprayers. These are imperative in hotel and spa bathrooms since different guests have their hygiene standards.

Shower bidets or sanitation faucets make a great addition to any bathroom; water is gentler on the skin. Using a mix of water and paper for cleaning is suitable for hygiene, skin health, and the environment. Tip: It’s a considerate practice to add a roll of toilet paper on the holder for any sudden shortage.

5.     Floor Fundamentals


Finally, when shopping for bathroom essentials, don’t forget mats! Non-skid bath mats are imperative for safety; slip and fall accidents are more common in the bathroom than in any other room.

Use a bath mat when you step out of a bathtub. This way, you avoid a trail of wet footsteps all over the clean floor. And if you’re unsure if a bathmat suits the overall aesthetic, we suggest buying another towel with your set for the floor. Wipe your feet on it after getting out of the water, then remove it for drying with the rest of your towels.

Ready to shop?

Your bathroom is the space that serves one’s hygiene and self-care needs. This is why getting the right accessories—especially if you are on a budget—is vital. Make sure not to skip any of these bathroom essentials when you go shopping!

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