Top 7 Benefits to Register a Company in the UAE

The UAE’s strategic business location and lucrative business opportunities make it everyone’s “go-to” destination for business incorporation. All you need to do is register a company in UAE with the concerned economic department, submit the required documents, make the outstanding payments, and that’s it.

Furthermore, you enjoy exclusive benefits for registering your company in this region. Be it the tax exemptions or hassle-free visa management. The business experts at Shuraa do provide end-to-end business setup assistance so you can focus on other growth-related activities for your dream venture.

7 Advantages of Setting Up your Company in the UAE

Listed below are only a few among the many benefits that you can enjoy when you register your venture in the UAE:

1. Low Setup Costs

Company incorporation in Dubai is very affordable, and the best part is that there aren’t any hidden costs. The governing bodies provide the details of every single payment you make in the country, and authorized receipts are shared for all the transactions.

Furthermore, lucrative business opportunities in the UAE help you recover your initial investments in a quick time. There’s no ballpark figure for company registration in Dubai since the fee varies for each license, location, and approval. However, you can launch your commercial firm in the UAE for around AED 25,000 to AED 30,000.

2. Opportunity to Explore Various Sectors

All legal ventures in the UAE must have a valid business license. This license is your legal permit to carry out all the business activities covered in the document. The Department of Economic Development (DED) maintains a list of 2,000+ permissible business activities, and you can choose the ones that match your requirements.

Therefore, you don’t have to limit your business aspirations. In case any activity isn’t covered, you can apply for external approval to the concerned governing body and get legal permission to perform that activity too.

3. World-Class Services

Dubai is a premier business hub, and investors from around the globe are looking to enter the UAE’s booming economy. The credit for this exponential rise in the country’s business sector goes to the world-class facilities and services offered to business owners.

Be it the advanced office infrastructure, hassle-free resource availability, crime-free business functioning, or fully digitized solutions – you get it all in Dubai. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer to register a company in the UAE whenever you get the chance to launch your dream venture in this region.

4. Business-Friendly Tax Regime

Dubai is a tax haven in its true sense. The taxation norms here are very lenient, and the government continues to find ways to make business incorporation in the UAE a highly profitable venture for expatriates. You don’t need to pay any corporate taxes or surcharges for your business activities.

Moreover, the VAT rate is just 5% (among the world’s lowest), and business owners can repatriate 100% of their profits and capital gains. The government is also a great promoter of international trade. You aren’t liable to pay import and export duties for your trading activities.

5. Hassle-Free Visa Management

Business registration in Dubai also provides you a residential visa that legitimizes your legal stay in the UAE for an agreed term. The best part is that the visa procurement process is straightforward. You can easily apply for visas for your family, relatives, and domestic workers as well.

The protocols regarding visas clearly state that you’ll get an additional visa allowance for every 100 sq. feet of business area that you acquire for your company. Hassle-free visa verification empowers you to focus on your company’s growth and expansion without worrying about your stay in Dubai.

6. Complete Business Ownership

You can enjoy 100% ownership of your company when you register a company in Dubai. Free zones and businesses that require a professional license have enjoyed this benefit for several years. However, you can now relish the same law in the mainland region too.

You need to get in touch with the DED to know if your company is eligible for 100% ownership in the mainland. However, when you collaborate with Shuraa’s legal advisors, everything is handled by our experienced professional while you take a comfortable seat.

7. Several Legal Structures

Your business requirements might require you to open a specific legal entity in the UAE with special privileges and exemptions. Well, the Emirates is home to several legal structures and can choose the one that inclines with your business model.

You can form an LLC in the mainland region, joint venture, representative/branch office, sole proprietorship company, online business, and a lot more in the UAE. All you need to do is connect with the business consultants at Shuraa and discuss your business requirements.

What Paperwork Goes Into Registering a Company in Dubai?

The UAE’s government performs rigorous document evaluation to eliminate any false applications or suspicious requirements. Here’s a summary of the paperwork to register a company in the UAE:

Pre Initial Approval

The list of documents required for initial approval:

  • Passport copy of applicant (with visa copy)
  • Registration application form from DED
  • Receipt of trade name reservation
  • Photocopy of applicant’s naturalization identification (confined to UAE nationals only)
  • NOC letter for applicant’s current service agent/sponsor (not applicable for GCC nationals)
  • Approvals granted by other governing bodies depending on the business type

Post Initial Approval

Following documents are needed once you get the initial approval:

  • Receipt of initial approval
  • Office/warehouse tenancy contract attested by the Dubai municipality’s planning and civil defense department along with location plan
  • Original, duly validated copy of the MoA by the notary public
  • If the partner is an existing corporate organization in the UAE or abroad. The MoA and the commercial registration certificate should be certified. Subsequently translated into Arabic by the concerned authorities (UAE Embassy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.)

Register your Company in the UAE!

The process of business registration in the UAE is straightforward and doesn’t consume a lot of time when you follow the correct steps. You also enjoy a plethora of benefits like low setup costs, complete foreign ownership, and a lot more when you register a company in UAE. The company formation experts at Shuraa Business Setup are always available to take care of your requirements at very competitive prices.


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