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Travel gadgets that are too cool to resist to carry

Are you looking for the top travel gadgets that are essential for smart travels? Or what are the must-have gadgets to carry while traveling? Know them from our guidebook on the travel gadgets that are too cool to resist to carry.

Let’s know the travel gadgets that are too cool to resist to carry

A compact steam iron

Imagine taking direct flights to Italy from US and when you take out your favorite dress to wear it is all wrinkled. Well, wrinkled clothes are normal especially when your luggage has to go through many checks. However, there is a perfect solution to wear non-wrinkled clothes on your trip.

Also, if you are too dependent on the laundry and drycleaning facilities then you should reconsider. Although many accommodations provide these facilities they charge a good amount for them. Also, this will take a lot of time and the least will be a couple of hours. However, with a steam iron, you can yourself perform the task in a few minutes and get unwrinkled clothes. And thus, carrying a compact steam iron is the best idea no matter where you are traveling to.

A pocket-size washing machine

No matter if you are planning to go on a backpacking tour or hiking, you will have dirty clothes. And while you can survive without washing a few clothes there are still some that you have to wash daily. Further, this includes socks, undergarments, and t-shirts as they get dirty easily and need to be cleaned. And the Scuba Wah Bags or a pocket-sized washing machine has come to the biggest travel rescue.

These bags or compact washing machines are easy to use and all you need is water and liquid soap. Further, these bags are attached with a flexible washboard are extremely lightweight. Thus, you don’t have to worry about having a heavier backpack because of carrying these with you. Along with good cleaning, these bags save you money and also make you more independent as a traveler.

A beach mat

Suppose you take a flight from USA to London to enjoy a beach holiday and you find the beaches too crowded. Well, you must not be liking the scenery but with a beach mat, and secure a place to rest. And thus, a beach mat is an essential element to carry if you are a beach bug. A revolutionary accessory to carry for beach holidays, a sand-free groundsheet is a must-have. Initially, these mats were used by soldiers but now they are a great essential for a sand-free outing.

Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

If you are traveling to a foreign land and in the roaming data plan is expensive, ditch them. And then, invest in a portable hotspot that you can carry anywhere with you. Further, these portable Wi-Fi hotspot devices are working as a lifesaver for travelers who loves to work remotely. Also, they save a lot of cost in the long run and don’t go heavy on pockets. Also, make sure that your portable hotspot is 4G LTE and provides its services on your traveling location. As otherwise, it will be an extra box on your trip that will be of no use to you.

Compact travel vacuum

A revolutionary invention in the field of travel, the automated travel vacuum is a gadget worth investing in. Well, many of the problems that travelers face are bulky baggage due to extra air. And a compact travel vacuum is the perfect solution to it as it soaks out the air. All you have to do is to install it n your baggage and non-bulky baggage will be a reality.

Also, you can use this vacuum in your suitcase to carry more clothes in less space. Further, as it will soak out the air and make the clothes look half of their earlier size. Thus, you can enjoy packing whatever you want without worrying about space.

Water purifying bottle

A must-have when traveling to countries with bad quality tap water, a water purifier bottle is necessary. There are many countries including Niger, Ethiopia that have great clean water scarcity. And thus, travelers have to depend upon bottled water but sometimes it is hard to find while traveling. And in these cases, a water purifier bottle will come to your rescue by offering you clean and safe water to drink.

Solar Chargers

One of the topmost essentials while traveling to a location with low electric connectivity, solar chargers are a must-have. All you have to do is keep it in the broad sunlight and it will get charged. And then you can use the charged charger to charge your gadgets including kindle and mobile phone.


If you share a love for reading, then a Kindle is a traveling essential for you. Not only it saves your luggage from getting extra heavy with books. But also, it becomes your biggest companion while traveling and will share stories with you.

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