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Triund is located in Dharamshala at Himachal Pradesh.  The duration of the trek is one to two days.  The starting point of the trek is Dharamkot and the ending point of the trek is Mcleodganj.  The range of the trek is from easy to moderate.  During the first day of the trek, you will be trekking from Dharamkot to Triund.  And During the second day of the trek, you will be trekking from Triund to Dharamkot.  The closest routes to reach Triund trek are Chandigarh and Delhi.  Triund Trek is not like other treks, as this will not need to reach great places to see the beautiful views at all.

     There are a lot of things to be watched out for.  The mighty Dhauladhar Range is the best view, which has little climbs.  And also there is no need to spend multiple days to get the amazing views of the Manali region.  In the trek, you can see the aesthetic views like Arthur’s Seat, Rifle Horn, Moon peak and the Dhauladhar range.  During the trek, the view of Dhauladhar range is so clear.  During the trekking, you will get a chance to trek into the pine forest.  It is located in Himachal Pradesh.  It is a beautiful one.  Even though it is a very small part of the trek, it will make you love the trek completely. 

At this part, you can see Coniferous trees, Pine trees and Rhododendrons trees in the forest.  It is the sight to experience the grand opening of the forest at the end and at the front side.  The main highlight of the trek is the view of sunset.  It makes the trekkers stay throughout the night to have a beautiful view of the sunset.  The trekkers used to camp at the ridge of the mountains and the trekking trail to get this stunning view of sunset.  The golden lights of the sun used to hit the mountain ranges, which can be looked at behind you when you are in camp.  There are a lot of places to experience like going through the Lakha Cave and Snow Line.

     The base of the trek is Dharamkot, where you have to start the trek.  You can start it from either Dharamkot or McLeodganj.  Orelse you can also start from the villages Bhagsu and Gallu, which are close to those areas.

     As this is a two days trek.  During the first day, the distance of the trek is 5.45 kilometers.  This takes around 4 hours to complete.  You can also take a cab to travel from Mcleodganj to Gallu Devi temple.  At Gallu Devi temple, there is a checkpoint for the trekking trail.  To log into a book, an ID card is required and no charges are required to pay.  There are dense oak forests.  There are a lot of places to camp on the first day of the trek. 

     During the second day, the distance of the trek is 5.45 kilometers.  The duration of the trek is 2 to 3 hours.  In the early morning, you can see the sun, which rises behind the peach of the mountains.  This lights up to Kangra valley.

     On the whole, you will be traveling from Dharamkot to Gallu Devi Temple to Check point to Magic View Cafe and finally to Triund.

     The best time to Triund Trek is that, except the monsoon season that is the month of July, August and the winter peaks which is January, February; trekkers can take the trek all around the year.  The spring and summer season that is from March to June is the best time to take this trek.  It will give you an amazing view.  To view the most beautiful mountain peaks, Post Monsoon seasons are the best.  During the month of December, the first spell of snowfall can be seen.

     The nearest International and Domestic Airports are New Delhi International Airport, Kangra or Gaggal Airport, Pathankot Airport.  Kangra/Gaggal and Pathankot are the domestic airports.  The New Delhi International Airport is at a distance of 175 kilometers.  The Kangra/Gaggal Domestic Airport is at a distance of 21 kilometers.  The Pathankot Domestic Airport is at a distance of 96 kilometers.

     Triund Trek is not like other trekking spots, this is the spot which will make the trekkers feel more enthusiastic.  If you want to trek more and more in the Himalayas, then Triund is going to be the most welcoming gateway to have more and more adventures.  

Have a great experience..!

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