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Try 5 Easy Meat Recipes In A Few Steps And Savour Them!

Fruity Meat

Pork, ducks to wine, apple sauce there are many ways where fruit and meat can mingle. There are many ways to cook easy meat recipes with fruit. This technique can be employed with pork, duck with apple and oranges. 

You can also use peaches, apricot, cherries and plums. To make this recipe you have to cut meat into one or two inch chunks. Then sprinkle the salt and pepper and dredge it with breadcrumbs. 

Slowly fry this with butter and look for sides look for the sides to light brown crisp. If the brown are darken then apply peeled clove with garlic. Start to eat fried, breaded meat. Add pitted plums wholesale or chopped. 

Apply the amount twice of the meat to get sizzling, savoury taste. After letting food cooked add for spell or add enough stock like veggie, chicken to cover the whole business, check meat in every 30 minutes. Keep it half covered, add salt and pepper after that meal will be ready to be served.

Wild Mushroom Sauce

mushroom can be the food which can be accompanied by the meat. For this you need dried mushroom and meat and many other things. It is one of the easy meat recipes. You have to rehydrate the dried mushroom. 

First you have to add water or stock with half cup of morels, when it’s simmering toss the dried mushrooms. Simmer for 30 seconds and turn off heat and gently stir to ensure a contact between mushroom and liquid. 

Depending on the basis of size and preference slice the mushrooms. Saute them with butter with chopped onions. The mushrooms and onions can be started off with water. 

After the water dries away add sherry. Season it with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Add lemon and cream with it. Serve the sauce with well cooked meat.


Halfsies technique is ideal for hefty cuts of tender meat that you start to here you can slow the pace of the cooking. You can speed up when it is time to eat. 

Start with a steak, ideal ones with two inches thick. Cut it with wild game cuts. Rub the meat with oil and sprinkle salt and pepper. Add it with an, grill, boiler on low or medium heat and cut into pieces.

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Garlic and Oyster Sauce

Oyster sauce with meat and garlic are usually green like broccoli or snow peas. It is a classic Chinese dish. It can be made with lamb, chicken or bacon. Cut meat in chunks, brown them with oil. 

When the meat is browned toss it with prepped greens like cabbage, asparagus etc. add sherry or wine stir it well. Put a lid to the steam of greens. 

Let them steam for minute, add fresh basil leaves and stir. Ensure that water sauce is dissolved and put lid on pan and heat. Now the dish is ready.

Steak Tartare

To make this you have to cut the meat in partially thawed but mostly frozen. 

For very pound of meat add tablespoon of minced cappers, a table spoon of mustard, paparika, and shot of brandy and York of good egg. 

Smash them together and add seasonings. Garnish it with parsley and serve crackers and toast.

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